After Vite al Limite it looks like this and leaves everyone stunned: here it is today, truly sensational

After Vite al Limite it shows itself on its social channels, leaving everyone stunned: here it is today, its transformation is truly sensational.

It will also have been a few years since his participation in Lives on the Limit, but it is clearly seen that Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient continues to engage even after the program’s spotlight has been turned off. We, in fact, managed to track her down on Facebook. And in addition to seeing the birth of her child – just like another beloved former face of the show – our eyes could not help but notice the newfound physical shape of her, leaving us to stucco.

Amaze everyone. Credits: Discovery

The goal of those who choose to participate in Vite al Limite and to start a weight loss path with Dr. Nowzradan is precisely this: to return to having a normal life. Many times, in fact, we have happened to tell you about those people who, precisely because of their extra pounds, were completely forced to remain immobile or to live a life that did not reflect their ropes.

The protagonist of our article today, unfortunately, falls into this second category of patients. She was very young at the time of her request for help from the Iranian surgeon, yet her life was by no means typical of girls her age. The victim of a violent father and spectator of the constant conflicts between wife and husband, the girl vented her pain in food until she weighed 291 kg.

Today, after Vite al confine, it shows itself like this and leaves you speechless: incredible transformation

The reason that pushed her to gain more and more weight and to seek comfort in food, as we said, is to be found in her family. She too – as well as the vast majority of the Iranian surgeon’s patients – had major problems in the family, which led him to see food as her island happy with her. Like Melissa Morris, the young woman too has put on tons of pounds until she reaches an incredible physical shape that has put her to the test several times. Thanks to the diet set by Dr. Nowzaradan, she managed to lose more than 110 kg. How did you become today?

Many have carefully followed Sarah Neeley’s story during the sixth season of Vite al Limite and several have triumphed with her when she managed to achieve a great result, but how is it today? On Facebook, Sarah isn’t used to sharing lots of shots, but in the ones we managed to track down we couldn’t help but notice her newfound physical shape. The ‘surprises’, however, do not end there! In addition to still losing weight, Neeley is married to a very precious man and she has also become a mother. In short, Vite al Limite has really revolutionized her existence. Here she is:

screw to the limit putty
Sarah today. Credits: Facebook

It’s really beautiful, don’t you think?