After Vite al Limite it looks like this: it’s totally different from the beginning, but seeing it as it was before will leave you speechless

This is how Vite al Limite shows itself to its social audience after Vite al Limite: it is very different from the beginning, but seeing it as it was before will leave you speechless, here it is!

A path of 10 and praise, there’s no denying it! Became one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients during the seventh season of Lives to the Limit, the young woman managed to lose 100 kg, giving a complete change to her life. She today she is very different, but you are curious to know how it was at the beginning of his journey?

Holly Lives on the Edge. Credits: Instagram – gossip only

Those who choose to participate in Vite al Limite do so because they are very eager to get back in shape. However, there are those who manage to achieve the much hoped-for results. And who, on the other hand, not only loses very little weight, but is also forced to abandon the program – just as happened to the very young Ashley Taylor. The protagonist of our article, however, falls into that ‘category’ of patients who have satisfied Dr. Nowzaradan’s requests to perfection and have lost many kilos. In fact, on her official social channel, the former face of the program today shows herself like this, but have you seen her as she was before embarking on her journey to the clinic?

Today it is very different after Vite al Limite, but what was it like at the beginning? You will be in shock

She weighed exactly 298 kg when she became one of Dr Nowzaradan’s patients a Lives to the Limit, but when it completed its journey to the clinic it weighed exactly 100 kg. Holly Hager wowed everyone with her weight loss! The very young woman, in fact, was among the protagonists of the program that kept her promises the most and brought home excellent results. From this photo shown above, in fact, it is very clear to us that – after having completed her journey in the clinic – the patient of the Iranian surgeon is very different from the beginning.

A truly shocking transformation, the one that Holly Hager gave birth to Lives at the Limit and that still makes a lot of talk. Unfortunately, we don’t know how she became today and if she continued her diet after the Real Time program. From this shot shared on Instagram just over a year ago, it is easy to understand that her good habits have not changed at all once the spotlights have been turned off.

What, however, we now want to ask you is: are you curious to see what it was like before participating in Vite al Limite? Young Holly chose to participate because of her extra pounds and her dramatic story, but what was it like then? Look at it here, this shot will really leave you speechless:

holly first screw to the limit
How was Holly before. Credits: Discovery – only gossip

There’s nothing to say, Holly Hager was totally different from the beginning of her journey in the clinic. However, this ‘comparison’ between before and after her allows us to underline how much her willpower was clearly superior to everything.