After Vite al Limite leaves everyone stunned: he loses almost 100 kg, but today he is even more unrecognizable

After her path to Vite al Limite leaves everyone stunned: in the clinic she managed to lose almost 100 kg, but today she is even more unrecognizable!

A shocking transformation, the one that was shown during the sixth season of Vite al Limite and that still makes everyone incredible today. She made herself known to Real Time audiences weighing far in excess of 350kg, but when she came out of the Houston clinic she came out completely transformed. Thanks to the diet set by Dr. Nowzaradan, the thirty-year-old managed to lose almost 100 kg, beating all kinds of personal records.

After Vite al Limite. Credits: Discovery

Many have passionately followed his adventures at Vite al Limite, but just as many are curious to know how it has become today after the program. During her journey in the clinic, as we said, the woman was able to immediately demonstrate how necessary it was for her to get back in shape. And, after getting immediate results, she also managed to get the pass for gastric bypass surgery. From there, her weight loss journey was all uphill! Not only did she lose almost 100 kg for the duration of the program, but to date it would seem that she has lost even more. We tracked her down on Instagram and saw how this very recent shot of her shows her completely unrecognizable since the days of Lives to the Limit. You will really stay of putty!

Today it is unrecognizable after Vite al Limite: it is stunned, here it is as it has become

If his journey in the Houston clinic was sensational, the opposite of what he took once the spotlight of Lives to the Limit. On the other hand, we know very well: Dr. Nowzaradan allows his patients to start a new chapter in their life, but then it’s up to them to continue to make it so. The protagonist of this article is the full testimony of this. She too – as well as Zsalynn and Amber Rachdi – continued to lose weight more and more once the spotlight of the famous Real Time docu-reality was turned off. Let’s talk about her: Roshanda Perrio, sister of Clarence and Brandie – also protagonists of the last episode of the sixth season of Vite al Limite.

Unlike her two brothers, Roshanda is the one who has most immediate results. And, looking at her very recent photos of her, she is the one she continued to lose weight once the spotlights were turned off. We do not know how much her further loss of weight amounts to her, but we cannot help but notice how much today the woman is practically unrecognizable. Take a look here:

after screw to the limit putty
Roshanda today. Credits: Facebook

A completely different Roshanda compared to her path to Vite al Limite, don’t you think?