After Vite al Limite she found love and is ready to get married: great joy for everyone

Double victory for her after Vite al Limite: she has found love again and is also ready to get married, a great joy for all her admirers.

As well as many other patients, even our protagonist today Lives on the edge it literally changed her life. Thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet, the young woman has lost many kilos and she still looks in great shape today, but after the program she managed to find love with a capital ‘a’ and is even ready to marry him.

Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

She was one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixth season of Vite al Limite – the same one in which Lee and Rena also took part. Joining the Houston clinic with her mom, the girl didn’t miss an opportunity to reveal to the program how necessary it was for both of them to lose weight. The young woman took complete care of her mother, who – also being obese – could do little or nothing. For her part, however, she too wanted to live a better life. On the other hand, she was just over 20 years old.

The story of mom and daughter is a truly dramatic story, one that makes you shiver just to tell it! The reason for their attachment to food can be traced years ago when both had to deal with an abusive father and husband.

She is ready for the wedding after Vite al Limite: double joy for her

Beyond the story of her mother, which we assure you is full of pain and suffering, the reason that prompted the young woman to find comfort in food is also inexplicable. Daughter of a drug addict father, she was forced to see the violence that the man did on her wife of hers. A beautiful and good drama, therefore, which increased more and more when she, at the age of 14, was raped.

When she participated in Lives at the Limit, Marissa Jess had all the credentials to give life to a shock path – just like Zsalynn’s – and it can be said that she did it great. Immediately, in fact, she was able to obtain results, making Dr. Nowzaradan satisfied.

A few years after her participation in Vite al Limite, we managed to track down the young Marissa on Instagram. And we found out that she has been happily engaged for about 3 years. On social media, in fact, she usually shares very tender couple shots, which clearly make us understand how much her life is now full of love.

How are you today?

In addition to finding love, Marissa Jess has finally regained her physical shape. At the time of the program, her weight was around 260 kg, but when she got out of it, she weighed 127 kg. To this day we don’t know how much her weight is, but it can clearly be seen that she has lost even more weight. And we are more than happy with her.

vine to the limit ready wedding
Marissa and her partner. Credits: Instagram

Congratulations to Marissa on her engagement. When is the wedding?