After Vite al Limite she got married and became a mother: great happiness for her, sensational

After her participation in Vite al Limite she lost a lot of weight, got married and even got married: great happiness for her.

If so far we have mostly told you about those patients who have taken part in Lives to the Limit and they have lost a lot of weight, now we cannot help but tell you what happened to Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient once the spotlight of the program was turned off. Not only was her transformation shocking – just like Melissa Morris’s during the first edition of the program – but after Vite al Limite she got married and even became a mother.

Today after Vite al Limite. Credits: Instagram

In recent months, browsing her Facebook channel, we had learned that the patient was pregnant. Given, however, her total social inactivity of her for several months, we did not know for sure when she would become a mother. Now, looking for new news about her, we learned that her son was born and he is really very tender.

Once the spotlights of Vite to the limit were turned off, then, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient was able to get everything she wanted most from her life. She has finally managed to get the physical shape she wanted – also because today she seems to have lost even more weight – she has found her man in her life, she is married and she became a mother. In short, a great happiness for her! Curious to know who we are talking about?

Double win after Lives at the Limit! She got married and became a mother: fantastic!

Like another very young patient of Dr. Nowzaradan, the protagonist of our article also became a mother after her journey to Lives to the Limit and she even got married. It can be clearly understood, therefore, that her life after participating in the Real Time program has completely changed. And she did it definitely for the better.

After so much suffering, therefore, Brianne Dias – protagonist of the eighth season of Vite al Limite – has finally found her happiness. And today she, together with her husband and her son, she can say that she is truly in seventh heaven.

How has it become today?

After Vite al Limite, therefore, his life has changed greatly, but are you curious to know how it has become today? At the time of her participation in the program, Brianne weighed 335 kg and had been a victim of sexual violence. When she left the clinic, however, she weighed 160 kg, slimming 175. she How are you today? Look at it here, it’s really gorgeous:

after lives to the limit married
Brianne today. Credits: Instagram

While we don’t know for sure how much her further weight loss amounts to, we can’t help but notice how incredible her physical shape is today. An excellent example to follow, therefore, and that we are sure many will take into consideration. We, on the other hand, just have to pay you our most sincere compliments.