After work on TV she is now a caregiver: “The 90-year-old I look after has changed my life”

After work on TV she is now a caregiver: “The 90-year-old I look after has changed my life”; the story of the former Rai face.

It was 1990 when he debuted on Domenica In, but it is thanks to participation in It is not Rai, from 1991 to 1995, which reached its maximum popularity, becoming one of the most popular showgirls in our country. What are you doing today, almost thirty years later?

Former Rai face (Instagram Credits)

Well, today she is 46 and her life has changed radically. After the great success on TV, today works as a caregiver of a 90 year old lady. A lady with whom he created a magical relationship. “My best friend,” she defined her in an Instagram post, where she points out that she is proud of her new job. Let’s find out the details.

After the TV he changed his life: the former Rai face works as a caregiver

It has been 27 years since her adventure on Non è la Rai, a broadcast thanks to which she has become an idol for young people. Today, at 46, Ilaria Galassi has completely changed her life. For a while he worked in his partner’s hairdressing salon but, due to the crisis and the pandemic, the business was closed after six years. And, for some time now, the ex-girlfriend of Non è la Rai takes care of Ausilia90 years old, to which she is very attached.

Interviewed by, Galassi explained that she started taking care of the woman when a client of hers told her that she needed someone to stay with her mother. Ilaria felt like doing it because that’s what she did with her grandmother, but not for money: “Every now and then he gives me some gifts and with that money I do the shopping. But it’s not like I’m going there because I’m paid, ”explained the former showgirl. That she did not hide the economic difficulties of this moment, during which only her partner works.

During the interview, Galassi talks about everything she does for Ausilia in the four hours in which they are together, from 9 to 13, from the administration of medicines to the treatment of leg injuries: “We chat about everything and more. He tells me the story of him. I do these little things for her, cuddle her. She is beautiful as hell, she is 90 but she does not look at all ”.

A truly special relationship, the one created between Ilaria and Ausilia, who help each other. When she has some problems, Ilaria unleashes herself with her, who gives her the right advice about her, inviting her to be patient.

after tv caregiver
Ilaria Galassi (Instagram Credits)

“Since I have been around, she has recovered. She had thrown herself down so hard because she lost one of the sisters she lived in symbiosis with. In August I will not be there because I will go to see my father, she is panicked, but there‘I reassured that I will return to her in September ”.