Against the energy crisis smart and green solutions, here is the Delta 2 portable power station

Innovative devices for daily use for environmentally friendly energy solutions, developed with the current context in mind in which energy costs are constantly increasing and there is growing uncertainty for energy supply. From here it was born Delta 2 by EcoFlowa new version of the portable power station Delta, with super-fast charging, up to 3 kWh of expandable capacity, a product life cycle of up to ten years and a powerful 1,800W AC output. (Video)

80% rechargeable in just 50 minutes (complete in 80 minutes), equipped with recharges in 3 hours via portable solar panels and capable of powering 90% of household appliancesDelta 2 allows users to feel right at home, whether they are camping outdoors, in an RV or living off-grid.

“Built on Delta’s success, Delta 2 demonstrates EcoFlow’s commitment to refining our existing technologies – comments Bruce WangCEO of EcoFlow – Recharges seven times faster than the market average, up to 3kWh of expandable capacity, and high output power make the Delta 2 an essential appliance for modern households. Whether used at home, outdoors or on the go, Delta 2 represents a new benchmark in the segment of power and renewable energy solutions ”.

EcoFlow Delta 2’s 1,024 Wh capacity is expandable for even higher performance; it can be combined with an additional Delta 2 or Delta Max battery, providing 2,048 Wh or 3,040 Wh. Its long autonomy therefore makes it a flexible choice for users who need energy on demand, whether it be for daily use or in emergencies. Delta 2 can also be recharged using EcoFlow portable solar panels. Supporting a maximum solar input of 500W, the Delta 2 can be fully recharged in 3-6 hours with two 220W panels or one 400W, thus providing a sustainable energy source outdoors or in non-mains-connected environments. .

In addition to being compatible with extra batteries, EcoFlow Delta 2 is part of the EcoFlow ecosystem of products for energy production, storage and use. The range includes portable solar panels, Wave portable air conditioners, the Smart Generator and many other products and accessories that integrate perfectly with Delta 2.