Against violence against women 500 pro bono treatments to treat scars

The RigeneraDerma Biodermogenesis project is renewed on the occasion of the 25th World Day. Testimonial Filomena Lamberti, scarred with acid by her ex-husband: “I feel the wind on my face again”

Erase the scars left by violence against women. To give victims concrete help, on the occasion of the World Day of 25 November, Biodermogenesis *, the methodology covered by an international patent for tissue regeneration, renews the RigeneraDerma project and offers 500 people, who cannot afford it, the treatment for scars. Testimonial of the RigeneraDerma project is Filomena Lamberti, the Salerno woman scarred in 2012 by her ex-husband, who poured acid on her head, face, hands and décolleté during the night. 10 years after that tragic episode, thanks to the path of therapy with the Biodermogenesis methodology, the woman is gradually regaining the sensitivity of the tissues. So much so that I can “feel the wind on my face again”, as she herself said.

“Acid attack, also known as” vitriolage “is a form of premeditated violence that consists of throwing a corrosive substance on another person’s body with the intent of disfiguring, mutilating, torturing or killing him. – explains Bruno Brunetti, specialist in Dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases and owner of the Brunetti Dermatological Center in Salerno – it depends both on the concentration of the corrosive substance used and on the time it remains in contact with the tissues. The common denominator of the attackers is the desire to hit her face. Sulfuric acid was used against poor Mrs. Lamberti, one of the most aggressive agents: she received very serious damage to her eyelids, lips, nose, ears. She had to undergo numerous plastic surgeries which were not able to return her completely neither the appearance nor the function “. “An ordeal”, Filomena defines it.

“I treated Mrs. Lamberti’s scars caused by sulfuric acid, with 12 Biodermogenesis sessions – says Anna Maria Minichino, surgeon and dermo-aesthetic manager of the Brunetti Dermatological Center in Salerno – This methodology is able to recover the functionality of the skin microcirculation, improving the quality of the extracellular matrix and multiplying the production of collagen and elastic fibers in all skin alterations, in particular on scars “.

And so, Minichino continues, “session after session I noticed a leveling of the scars that made the skin smoother, more compact and uniform, even the color became more and more similar to that of healthy skin. The patient was finally able to tilt and rotate the head without limitations and pain. The most rewarding professional aspect for me was that of having improved her quality of life, thanks to an important improvement in her scars, both functional with the recovery of the sensitivity of the skin of the face, and aesthetic, giving relief and hope to such an emotionally troubled patient “.

“Facial scars are a serious problem in medicine, because they create consequences on the psyche of the individual, alter the image of the self and significantly decrease the quality of life – underlines Andrea Sbarbati, professor at the University of Verona – Today we have certainly effective therapeutic approaches, but non-invasive therapies must be developed more and more, capable of acting safely and with documented efficacy “.

In addition to women victims of violence, the project is also open to people of both sexes, who are economically disadvantaged. For all, the therapies will be provided entirely pro-bono in the Centers of Therapeutic Excellence Biodermogenesis that will join the initiative. “Lucio Anneo Seneca affirmed that the wound is healed while the scar remains. Finally, after 2000 years, scientific research now also allows scars to be treated”, concludes Maurizio Busoni, head of the RigeneraDerma project.