Agcom asks for a change to Tim’s co-investment offer, which is working to implement it

The co-investment offer on fast networks presented by Tim last October 7 with a price adjustment mechanism “does not comply” with the conditions of the Electronic Communications Code. This was indicated by Agcom which in today’s session examined the consolidated version of the co-investment offer on very high capacity networks. According to what has been learned, however, Tim aims to acknowledge the change request requested by Agcom in order to allow the Authority to proceed with a new assessment in a short time.

The Board of Agcom, “by majority, held that the bid communicated does not comply with the conditions set out in Article 87, paragraph 1, letter c) of the Electronic Communications Code, because the economic conditions envisaged for the adhesion in the year 2021 must also be applied to co-investors who sign the agreement within the period of 6 months starting from the date of publication of the offer “, reads the note. “Therefore, at the moment the conditions do not exist for the market test envisaged by the same Code to be launched”, affirms Agcom. Commissioner Giomi, “in coherence with the decisions taken previously, voted against” the note states.

On the subject of the co-investment offer on ultra-fast networks with a price adjustment mechanism, there was an interlocution between Tim and Agcom which today requested a change that, according to what is learned, the company of Corso d Italy aims to incorporate in a short time. Agcom itself could therefore approve the offer with the requested change in one of the next councils, perhaps as early as next week.