Agon, Disko Berlin is a journey into darkness accompanied by a playlist

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1.” Marea (We’ve lost dancing)” by Fred Again…The Blessed Madonna

It’s the perfect song to start the journey, it’s a contemporary cult, iconic vibes. to be listened to even with headphones, with eyes closed or in the dark. Fred Again… is certainly one of the great revelations of this genre and was an artist able to take this music out of the clubbing world reaching a very wide audience.

2. “1990” by Achille Lauro

From a sensorial point of view, if I close my eyes and listen to this piece, I can clearly see my life as if it were a film, I can perceive the cold of the winter in which I was obsessed with this piece, the one in which it later arrived the covid. I tie this song to that period and it’s strange, but I like it. Achille Lauro true artist.

3. “Consciousness” by Anyma, Chris Avantgarde

The dark version of my inner journey represents ghosts. It’s a totally crazy track, the tension that is created when you think it’s about to drop but it doesn’t happen drives me crazy, I associate it with some moments of difficulty and panic. When the drop finally arrives, all the tension is released from me, leaving only the adrenaline, as if it were the arrival of good news.

4. “Addò Staje” by Dardust feat.Tropico

Hypnotic song, also thanks to the fact that the text is made up of a few sentences, continuously repeated in the piece, a choice I appreciate because it makes immersion in the song better, taking me to the end without me realizing it.

5. “Tokyo” by Jhayco

Jhay Cortez no one would say but he is one of my favorite artists for timbre and attitude, so much so that he was the reference from which I started to vocally approach the writing of “Disko Berlin”. This piece represents an extremely original way to bring electronics into the urban genre and I think among other things that the Latin style, not yet fully cleared in Italy, lends itself very well.

6. “I Follow Rivers – The Magician Reix” by Lykke LI, The Magician

Endless song, it has a positive energy and everyone knows it by heart. Maybe that’s why while listening to it I feel in communion with the outside world, pushing away the negative sensations.

7. “Luna” by Madame feat.Gaia

Madame is the artist I’m most fans of in Italy, even Gaia rocks and I love when her Brazilian origins come out in her songs. I love South American culture and it is no coincidence that the producer of “Disko Berlin”, Max Kleinz, is Brazilian. This track represents another beautiful way to do urban over a club base and without going into compression this song is a hit. I also really like the production of Monkey.

8. “No More Kissing” in The Rain by Trentemoller, Lisbet Fritze

To be listened to in the car alone, while it’s raining, I love the three-dimensionality of the sounds used in this song, which is quite unknown by the way. I’m sorry that in Italy there isn’t anyone who explodes playing this genre, I hope that soon there will be room for this music here too.

9. “Tu Ed Me” by Mecna feat. CoCo

I was particularly struck by this sentence from Mecna: “.. I get pissed off by a few more people, I imagine them all failing, this is my perversion..”. I find it a very crude sentence and perhaps a truth that has also been part of my character in the past, without me realizing it. Fortunately it doesn’t reflect my present, but that bar still left a hole in my stomach.

10. “Money” by Pink Floyd

Like all Pink Floyd songs, more than a song, it’s a real experience, perfect for closing this journey. Exactly 50 years after the release of this piece, the lyrics of the song are more current than ever: unfortunately, money and materialism are constantly and inevitably at the center of our lives.