Agreement between Soundreef and Meta, most of the music returns to Facebook and Instagram

Much of the music in Italy returns to Facebook and Instagram thanks to an agreement between Meta and Soundreef which operates in the field of music copyright on a global scale and represents over 43,000 authors worldwide. From today, therefore, even in the old “stories”, the songs written entirely by artists of the group (there are 26 thousand Italian authors and publishers) are rekindled, a great competitor of Siae. Among the most illustrious names we find Laura Pausini, Fabrizio Moro, Paola Turci, Ultimo, the Poohs, Morgan, Fabio Rovazzi and Marco Masini. There are also many rappers such as Rkomi, Marracash, Sfera Ebbasta and J-Ax.

The “bargaining”

“Nobody liked Meta’s decision, not even us, but they made themselves available and we talked to re-establish our catalogue,” he told The Republic Davide d’Atri, founder and manager of the company. However, the many “mixed” songs written by Soundreef singers together with Siae artists remain blocked. Of course, all Siae songs are blocked. “The negotiation on rights is tense with all platforms, sometimes it happens to perceive a climate of prevarication” said d’Atri who however specified: “In ours it is possible to negotiate”. “The law must build an infrastructure that protects those who make music and those who use it. The rights market has surpassed the levels of the 1990s, the golden age that piracy seemed to have archived forever. And if it grows like this, it is also due to the contribution of the platforms”.