Agri-food exports grow double-digit in the EU + 21% and third countries + 16%

Our exports grow in double digits both in the EU (+ 21% in the first half of 2022) and in third countries (+ 16%) favored, in this case, also by a weak euro against the dollar. This is what the last one finds Ismea report “The balance of Italian agri-food”. In the main markets, the increase is, in order, 11% in Germany, 21% in the USA, 18% in France. Even in the UK, the fourth most important destination, sales increased by 19% despite the signs of a slowdown of the previous two years that had fueled widespread fears about the consequences of Brexit. Also noteworthy is the strong increase in exports to Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, while only flows to China and Japan are in contrast.

After the surplus recorded in the two-year period 2020-2021, the strong increase in the value of agri-food imports (+ 29.2% for 34.9 billion euros), driven by the increase in the prices of agricultural raw materials, brought back the balance of the trade balance on the negative side, with a deficit of 381 million euros. Lhe positive trend in imports is a sign of the good performance of the processing activity despite the strong pressure on the costs of the Italian food industries.

Furthermore, Ismea underlines that the data in value of agri-food exports that scores a + 18% in the first seven months of 2022 are affected by the strong inflationary pressure, but the volume flows of the most representative references are also growing, such as: pasta, bakery products and biscuits, sparkling wines, fresh and aged cheeses, hams, peeled tomatoes and tomato pulp, confirming that the presence of made in Italy at the table is now an indispensable fact. The only exception is the fresh and processed fruit sector which shows a reduction in exports, even in value, of 0.5% due to the decreases recorded by apples, kiwis and shelled hazelnuts.