Agriculture, Flai CGIL: “Strengthening wages and fighting precariousness”

The secretary of the Flai CGIL Giovanni Mininni dictates the agenda of the forthcoming battles at the VIII Congress of the union in Rome. Appeal to stop the war in Ukraine and to the other unions to tone down the confrontation between them.

In the belly of Flai CGIL, for the near future, there will be some main objectives to be pursued in the coming years: higher wages, the fight against precariousness and bargaining for sustainability. The general secretary Giovanni Mininni launched them to his delegates gathered in Rome in his opening speech to the VIII National Congress “Work creates the future”.

“The proposal we are making to you is that we select three objectives for the coming years without neglecting other battles: – said Mininni – strengthening wages because they are still under attack and no government assumes responsibility for structural interventions. The second objective is the fight against precariousness with the possibility of opening possible internalisations for a change of course with the second-level bargaining in progress and with the one that will be opened in the provincial agricultural contracts”.

The third objective, added Mininni, “is the negotiation of sustainability, which we propose to be able to take on as a political issue to open real negotiations. And then there is a theme that is a variable that concerns agriculture” – he added – or rather that “the 10% of permanent workers is dwindling and this means that it is necessary to launch a major campaign to stabilize fixed-term contracts to create stable employment in agriculture”.

Mininni then launched a “heartfelt and sincere appeal” to the other two trade unions Fai Cisl and Uila Uil for greater community of purpose. “Let’s tone down the confrontation between us and above all let’s value the many important things we have done for workers in the agri-food sector, which no one could ever have achieved alone” added Mininni.

Among the real ones touched by the secretary of Flai CGIL, in his report, also an invitation to stop the war in Ukraine addressed to governments and to the social forces themselves. “This war must absolutely be stopped because it is exterminating a people and killing hundreds of thousands of young people used as cannon fodder and the governments that caused it, primarily the Russian government which has no justification, must be called to an international conference of peace to stop the carnage”. “The first small goal we can set ourselves – he explained – is the ‘ceasefire’ for humanitarian reasons but the big goal is to block the escalation mechanism that has been triggered and which no longer leaves room for rationality”.

“We must make noise as the Pope reminded us, even against the war – remarked Mininni – and we must make the commitment that the Flai not only adheres to the appeal of Europe for Peace by participating in the scheduled demonstrations but also becomes an active player ” he told the large audience of delegates who flocked to Rome.

(by Cristina Armeni)