Agriculture, Ismea: GSmart is born, a platform to facilitate access to credit for SMEs

GSmart is born, the new service platform for the Ismea guarantee. A single platform, where in a few clicks banks can calculate the rating of an agricultural company and quantify in real time the cost of the guarantee in relation to the specific loan requested. GSmart is the result of the experience gained for Covid emergency interventions, during which Ismea invested in technology and optimized the application management procedures, with the aim of make the path for accessing the surety not only more streamlined from an administrative point of view but also more transparent in terms of information returned.

From today, the price of the guarantee is available to the Bank and the company before sending the request, and to obtain it it will be sufficient to provide the few data necessary for the GSmart system to process the risk forecast. “All this is GSmart – declared the general manager of Ismea Maria Chiara Zaganellia further simplification to facilitate access to credit for agricultural and fishing SMEs through the Ismea public guarantee“.