AI and disinformation, number one risk in the election year: in-depth analysis

Disinformation and artificial intelligence at the center of the episode of Progress after the Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum indicated disinformation as the main threat to humanity, placing it above climate emergencies and armed conflicts.

2024, the election year

2024 promises to be a crucial year: more than 4 billion people, more than half the world’s population, will be called to vote, from the United States to India, from Mexico to Indonesia. In this scenario, disinformation represents a significant threat, with the potential to distort voters’ votes and alter political outcomes. This danger is further amplified by advances in artificial intelligence, which facilitate the production of realistic fake news cheaply and quickly.

The guests

Guests of the episode Francesca Lagioia, Senior Assistant at the law and engineering departments of the University of Bologna and professor at the European University Institute, a research center of the European community. And Pierguido Iezzi, CEO of Swascan, a company in the field of cybersecurity.

The role of OpenAI

The themes of the episode also include the empowerment of large artificial intelligence platforms. OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, has announced a series of strategies to increase the transparency of the content generated by its systems ahead of the election year. The focus is on collaboration with authoritative media, the development of tools to identify artificial images and the training of AI to prevent abuse.

The AI4trust project

SkyTG24, which is part of the AI4TRUST consortium, is also involved in the field of preventing the circulation of false content. A project financed by the European Union which aims to create a platform that integrates the monitoring of social networks and media with the most advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence so as to make the activity of journalists, fact-checkers and political decision-makers more effective in effort to combat disinformation.