AI, Google releases Bard and challenges Chat GPT: here’s how to try it

Google has launched its challenge to ChatGPT and launched Bard, the artificial intelligence service with the stated aim of improving the quality of its answers through an increase in exchanges with users. Google had hurriedly announced the creation of Bard in early February, overwhelmed by the November arrival of ChatGPT, developed by the OpenAI start-up in collaboration with Microsoft.

For now it can only be used in the US and the UK

Its use was initially limited to “trusted testers” before being opened up to the general public today. However, the number of connections has been limited and a waiting list has been created to handle demand. Access is currently only available from the US and UK, and other users, countries and languages ​​will be able to access it over time.

“Bard is here to help people increase their productivity”

Based on a technology that Mountain View has been working on for years, the Bard interface is a website, at least for the moment separate from the Google search engine, with a space where the user can type a question. “We’ve learned a lot from testing Bard, and the next important step in improving it is getting feedback from more people,” Google VPs Sissie Hsiao and Eli Collins wrote in a post on the group’s website. ‘The more people use it, the better the large language models (LLM, a program that generates answers to questions asked in everyday speech) are able to predict which answers may be useful,’ they explained. “Bard is here to help people increase their productivity, accelerate their ideas,” said Hsiao.