AI, if China protects copyright better than the USA

Mauro Masi’s Memo for Adnkronos

Copyright/AI. The news is very recent and, in its own way, sensational. On Monday 27 November, the Beijing Specialized Internet Court issued an order according to which a series of images generated by an AI system must be considered an ‘artistic product’ and therefore can be protected by current copyright laws. The story itself concerns an episode of modest commercial value (a sequence of ‘similar photos’ of an oriental girl created by an AI procedure and reproduced on some Chinese platforms) but has a significant signaling value. Among other things, it goes in complete contrast to what has been decided – so far – in the USA where both the American Patent Office and the Federal Court of Washington had excluded that such works (whether photos, drawings, phrases or musical pieces) ) could be protected by copyright law because they did not have sufficient and original creative content. The Chinese judge believes, however, that self-generating AI systems are able to express (not all and not always, so much so that he explicitly states that each evaluation must be made on a case-by-case basis) a creative content that goes beyond the input originally given by man. It is clear that the story does not end (and will not end) here but as of now it cannot help but be surprised that China protects (at least apparently) copyright more than the USA. A world turned upside down, some would say………….

Engines. Also note down this name Jamie Chadwick. She will, in all likelihood, be the first woman to win a Formula 1 car race. Jamie is English, 25 years old, started racing go-karts at the age of 11 and already at 19 took part in the 24 hours of the Nürburgring; the following year she made her debut in single-seaters and now she is the official test driver of the Williams Formula 1 team and driver of the Andretti team on the American Indy circuit. According to experts, she has all it takes (physically and mentally) to excel in a sport which (although it lends itself, in theory, to equal opportunities) has so far been the absolute domain of men. In fact, only 5 women in 70 years have competed (and with modest results) in the top series of car racing.

Green. The Dubai COP 28 conference is continuing with controversial results as it was easy to hypothesize given the great difference in positions of many of the 124 participating countries even on the most important issues (the exit from fossil fuels; the return to nuclear energy etc.). One of the few topics on which there has been broad consensus is that of the need to ensure that communication (at all levels) can facilitate citizens’ understanding of the inevitability of sustainable development choices for the future of the Planet. In this field, the example and the ability to recruit “testimonials” capable of giving a strong “green” message to their supporters will count a lot. Someone already does it and very effectively. Just to give two recent examples, the fashion designer Stella McCartney (her daughter) is committed to imposing only materials and procedures in her business that respect animals and are totally recyclable; singer Billie Elish provides free plant-based foods to attendees at her live shows; the English pop group Coldplay has announced that all vinyl products containing their productions will have to be made from recycled plastics. Others will follow. (By Mauro Masi)