Aid decree bis, green light Cdm: measures

From the cutting of the tax wedge to the advance of the pension adjustment, the package of measures is worth over 14 billion

The Council of Ministers, meeting in Palazzo Chigi, approved the Aid bis decree, with new support measures for families and businesses. A package worth a total of over 14 billion. The measure, which will be examined by parliament from mid-September, represents the last piece of the puzzle drawn by Mario Draghi’s government. And, according to government sources present at the meeting, it was approved with “technical reservation on two articles”.

Between the measures: the cut of the tax wedge of 1.6 billion for employees, advance payment of the pension adjustment for a cost of 2.4 billion, energy bonus and discount on bills, tax on extra revenues made by energy companies, increase in the fund for realization of the Milan-Cortina Olympics, capital increase of 1 billion to save the former Ilva, extension of the bonus of 200 euros for employees, introduction of the figure of the ‘expert’ teacher, who will receive an additional 5,650 euros per year .

FISCAL WEDGE: Cut in social security contributions for workers and workers until December 2022 for a total value of 1.6 billion euros. ” As an exception, for the pay periods from 1 July 2022 to 31 December 2022, including the thirteenth or related accruals paid in the aforementioned pay periods, the exemption on the share of social security contributions for invalidity, old age and survivors payable by the worker ” is increased by one percentage point. ” Taking into account the exceptional nature of the measure referred to in the first period, the rate of calculation of pension benefits remains unchanged ”. Charges are valued at € 786 million for 2022 and € 831 million for 2023, for a total of € 1.6 billion.

ADVANCE BALANCE PENSIONS: ” In order to counter the negative effects of inflation for the year 2022 and support the purchasing power of pension benefits, exceptionally ” the adjustment for the calculation of the equalization of pensions for the year 2021 is advanced to 1 October 2022 “. The cost of the measure is estimated at 2.4 billion euros (2.381 million). The article ‘Advance on the revaluation of pensions in the last quarter of 2022’ provides that equalization of pensions for the year 2022 is anticipated, for a share equal to two percentage points, with effect from 1 October 2022, with relative recognition also on the thirteenth month ”.

ENERGY BONUS: Strengthening of the social bonus for electricity and gas for economically disadvantaged household customers and household customers in serious health conditions. The objective is to “maintain the cost of subsidized customers corresponding to the typical profiles of the holders of the aforementioned benefits unchanged compared to the previous quarter”.

DISCOUNT BILLS: “To reduce the effects of price increases in the electricity sector, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (Arera) will cancel, for the fourth quarter of 2022, the rates relating to general electricity system charges applied to low voltage domestic and non-domestic users, for other uses, with available power up to 16.5 kW “. “To reduce the effects of price increases in the electricity sector, Arera will cancel, for the fourth quarter of 2022, the rates relating to general system charges applied to users with available power greater than 16.5 kW, also connected in medium and high / very high voltage or for public lighting or electric vehicle charging in places accessible to the public “.

EXTRA FEE TAX: Here comes the article on the taxation of extra revenues made by energy companies, in the period of price increases. In the draft of the aid decree law, the article ‘Measures regarding the payment of the extraordinary contribution’ appears without the text because ” pending MEF regulation ”.

ILVA: Here comes the ‘save Ilva’ rule in the bis aid dl. Invitalia – National Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Business Development “is authorized to subscribe to capital increases or various instruments, however suitable for capital strengthening, also in the form of shareholder loans for capital increases, additional to those provided for in previous periods and up to a total amount not exceeding 1,000,000,000 euros, additional “to those provided.

MILAN-CORTINA OLYMPICS: The fund for the realization of the Milan-Cortina Olympics has increased by 1.3 billion, to cope with the increase in the prices of raw materials. The draft of the bis aid decree provides for this. In detail, 180 million euros are for 2022, 240 million for 2023, 245 million for 2024, 195 million for 2025, 205 million for 2026 and 235 million for 2027. The increase, according to the provision, ” 900 million is allocated to the interventions of the National Plan for complementary investments to the NRP ” and 400 million for the construction of the works.

ALITALIA: The proceeds from the liquidation activities of Alitalia under extraordinary administration must be primarily intended to meet the pre-deduction of receivables from the State “net of the costs of completing the liquidation and of the structural, management and operating costs of the extraordinary administration, as well as of the ‘compensation to holders of travel tickets, vouchers or similar securities issued by the extraordinary administration “.

BONUS 200 EURO: The € 200 bonus for employees is extended to those who did not benefit from it in the first part of the year. To employees who ” in the first half of the year 2022 did not benefit from the exemption ” of the social security contributions provided for by the 2022 budget law because they were affected by events figuratively covered by INPS, and who were not beneficiaries of the indemnity 200 euros ” the indemnity is automatically recognized through the employers, in the salary paid in October 2022 ”. The bonus is recognized, ” upon declaration by the worker that he has not previously benefited ” from the indemnity and to have been the recipient of events figuratively covered by INPS in the first half of the year 2022. ” INPS, on request , pays the indemnity referred to in this paragraph to workers entitled to the aforementioned indemnity, where not paid by the employers ”.

PROF EXPERTS: ” Tenured teachers who have achieved a positive evaluation in passing three consecutive and non-overlapping training courses ” can access the qualification of ” expert teacher and accrue the right to an annual ad personam allowance equal to 5,650 euros which it is added to the salary for enjoyment ”. The qualification of expert teacher ” does not involve new or different functions other than teaching ones ” and a maximum ceiling of 8 thousand units is set for each of the years 2032/2033, 2033/2034, 2034/2035 and 2035/2036 . The provision also establishes that “ for permanent teachers of all levels of the state school system, upon passing the three-year training course and only in the case of positive individual assessment, a one-off remuneration element of an ancillary nature is envisaged, established by national collective bargaining, not less than 10% and not more than 20% of the salary for enjoyment ”.

ENERGY-DRIVING ENTERPRISES: An extraordinary contribution is paid to companies with a high consumption of electricity ” in partial compensation of the higher costs incurred, in the form of a tax credit, equal to 25% of the expenses incurred for the energy component purchased and actually used in the third quarter of 2022 ”. Normally, an expenditure of 3.4 billion euros is estimated. The article ‘Extraordinary contribution, in the form of a tax credit, in favor of companies for the purchase of electricity and natural gas’ establishes that the tax credit ” is also recognized in relation to energy expenditure electricity produced by the companies referred to in the first period and self-consumed by them in the third quarter of 2022 ”.

STOP UNILATERAL CHANGES TO ENERGY CONTRACTS: Suspension of unilateral amendments to contracts for the supply of electricity and natural gas. ” Until October 31, 2022 – the provision reads – the effectiveness of any contractual clause that allows the electricity and natural gas supplier company to unilaterally modify the general contract conditions relating to the definition of the price in relations is suspended with domestic customers even if the right of withdrawal is contractually recognized to the counterpart ”. The draft specifies that the measure is ” pending Arera feedback on the impact on the supplier companies ” and that it is possible to ” define the scope of application based on the size of the supplier company ”.

FUEL TAX CREDIT: Extension of the tax credit for the purchases of fuels for the exercise of agricultural and fishing activities carried out in the third calendar quarter of the year 2022. The charges are valued at 194.41 million euros for 2022. The measure is envisaged “in order to mitigate the economic effects deriving from the persistence of the exceptional increase in the price of diesel and petrol used as fuel”.

CYBER SECURITY: The ‘Counter intelligence measures in the cyber sector’ establish that “the President of the Council of Ministers, having obtained the opinion of the Interministerial Committee for the Security of the Republic and having heard the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic, issues provisions for the adoption of counter intelligence measures in the cyber sector, in crisis or emergency situations in the face of threats that involve aspects of national security and cannot be faced only with resilience actions, also in implementation of obligations assumed at an international level “.

AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISES: Support for companies and agricultural cooperatives that have suffered damage from the exceptional drought, which occurred starting from March 2022 and which did not benefit from insurance coverage. Companies can access the interventions envisaged to favor the resumption of economic and productive activity envisaged by the legislative decree of 29 March 2004. For these interventions the financial endowment of the “National solidarity fund – compensation measures” has increased by 200 million euros.