Aid decree quater, from the Superbonus to the cash ceiling: the measures

Provisions on electricity, gas and fuels

Green light from the government to the Aid quater decree which allocates, on the proposal of the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, resources of € 9.1 billion coming from the tax surplus that was authorized by Parliament to finance interventions against expensive energy. Also expected the reshaping of the Superbonus to 90% starting from 1 January 2023.

Among the interventions, we learn from the Mef, the raising in the year 2022 of the tax exemption ceiling of the so-called company fringe benefits up to 3 thousand euros. This is a corporate welfare measure that aims to make workers’ salaries heavier, also through the reimbursement of utilities such as water, electricity and gas.

The decree also allocates 80 million euros for the granting of a tax credit to merchants for the transmission of the electronic invoice to the Revenue Agency. The contribution is equal to 100% of the costs incurred, up to 50 euros for each electronic recorder purchased.

For the entertainment sector (cinemas, theaters, concert halls) the second Imu installment for the properties is not due, provided that the owners are also managers of the activities. An additional 100 million has been allocated for renewal of the economic renewal of the contract for the education and research sector. In addition, a provision is introduced which provides, when fully operational, the exemption from stamp duty for applications submitted for the request for contributions, aid or subsidies, however denominated, in favor of populations affected by disasters.

COMPANIES – The extraordinary contribution was then extended. With an allocation of 3.4 billion euros, the extraordinary contribution, in the form of a tax credit, was extended until 31 December 2022 in favor of businesses and activities such as bars, restaurants and commercial establishments for the purchase of electricity and natural gas. The enhanced rates of the tax credit of 40% for energy-intensive and gas-intensive companies and 30% for small companies that use energy with power starting from 4.5 kW have been confirmed.

PETROL AND DIESEL – Allocated 1.3 billion euros to finance the extension from 19 November 2022 and until 31 December 2022 of the tax discount on petrol and diesel excise duties which confirms the cut of 30.5 cents per liter (also considering the effect on ‘VAT). For LPG, the discount is worth 8 euro cents per kg which rises to about 10 cents considering the impact on VAT. The 5% VAT reduction for the purchase of natural gas for transport (methane) has also been confirmed.

THE INSTALLMENTS – To cope with the increase in energy costs, companies may request suppliers to pay in installments, for a maximum of 36 monthly installments, of the amounts due relating to the energy component of electricity and natural gas for consumption made from 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023 and invoiced by 30 September 2023. In order to ensure the widest application of the measure, Sace is authorized to grant a guarantee equal to 90 per cent of the indemnities generated by exposures relating to receivables claimed by electricity and natural gas suppliers resident in Italy. The guarantee is issued on condition that the company has not approved the distribution of dividends or the repurchase of shares in the years for which the payment in installments is requested, both for itself and for those of the same group.

In order to contribute to strengthening the security of natural gas supplies, a loan is envisaged to cover the expenses incurred by the GSE (Energy Services Manager). The deadline by which the GSE will be able to sell natural gas at controlled prices has been extended from 31 December 2022 to 31 March 2023.

DRILLS – The unblocking-drilling regulation also arrives: in order to increase the national production of natural gas, an increase in the quantities extracted from existing crops in sea areas and the authorization of new concessions between 9 and 12 are also envisaged. miles.

CASH TOP 5 THOUSAND EURO – There is also the rule to raise the threshold for cash payments from 1,000 to 5,000 euros from 1 January 2023.

SUPERBONUS AT 90% – On the Superbonus comes the anticipation of the remodeling at 90% for the expenses incurred in 2023 for condominiums and the introduction of the possibility also for 2023 to access the benefit for the owners of individual homes on condition that it is a first home and they are below a certain income threshold (15 thousand euros a year, raising them based on the family quotient). The Superbonus, on the other hand, applies to 110% until March 31, 2023 for single-family houses that have completed 30% of the works by September 30, 2022.