Aida Danza Community, the hub dedicated to dance in all forms is born in Milan. VIDEO

A home for students, for teachers, for graduated dancers, a point of reference for dance schools. Aida Danza Community is born, a real dance hub in Milan dedicated to Terpsichorean art in all its forms: from teaching to training to production. A place for everyone with highly qualified teachers. A reality that already has an almost 30-year history behind it that today is renewed and enlarged. In fact, the new structure in via Mestre in Milan is added to the headquarters in via Cirenei, inside the historic Spazio Venditti now renovated.

A journey that began 27 years ago

Aida Danza Community was born from an idea of ​​the President Marisa Caprara. “A project that talks about dance in all its dimensions, a pole for those who want to live in dance” she underlines in the presentation press conference. And she adds: “ADC wants to become a point of reference for the various professional figures of the dance world, where you can enjoy dance at 360 ° and find the answer to your needs”. A real dance hub that encompasses the three dance realities that have developed within AIDA (the Association of Academic Dance Teachers Graduated at La Scala in Milan), founded in 1995. In detail: the AIDA association, the center of training (CFA) and JUNIOR BALLET.
A new project that has a long history of pupils and teachers behind it. “Many of our graduates are now engaged in professional companies of European level, from the Milan Ballet to the Delattre Dance Company, from the Theater Dortmund to the Tuscan Ballet up to the Finnish National Ballet. Others have been admitted to important Italian and international academies such as the Teatro alla Scala Ballet School, with which we constantly maintain a direct line and strong collaboration, the Scuola del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma or the Bolshoi Ballet Academy “underlines Caprara. .


The AIDA Association of Academic Dance Teachers is a teacher training school that follows a Didactic Program based on that adopted by the Teatro alla Scala Ballet School. An Association that avails itself of the extraordinary supervision of Maestro Frédéric Olivieri, Director of the Teatro alla Scala Ballet School, as Honorary President.

“AIDA was born in Milan in 1995, from the will of a group of extremely motivated teachers who, after having graduated from the Teachers Course organized by the Teatro alla Scala, decide not to interrupt those training bonds born during the path undertaken and indeed, to intensify them , giving life to an association whose mission is the promotion of a correct teaching of the art of dance ”explains the vice president Cristina Mazzucchelli.

The Association deals with wide-ranging training: in more than twenty years of activity and with almost 100 members, today it represents a significant point of reference for those who want to make teaching their profession. A school that therefore does not limit itself to preparing teachers but creates a real network that allows you to update yourself and always have a comparison that is a guarantee of quality.

CFA – Aida Training Center

The CFA – AIDA training center was born in Milan in 2008 from the collaboration between the masters Marisa Caprara, Manuela Ceretti and Biagio Tambone (former principal dancer of La Scala and today the official choreographer and teacher of the School). A center with high-level teaching to accompany selected students to professionalism. The strong, lasting and exclusive link with the Teatro alla Scala Ballet School also guarantees the CFA the possibility of hosting the teachers of the Scaligera Academy in its own premises, offering its students the opportunity and the privilege of participating in periodicals. Advanced training seminars reserved for them.

“In our center about 120 students study every day – underlines Manuela Ceretti – The program is based on that adopted by the Ballet School of the Teatro alla Scala and ranges from classical to contemporary, from the repertoire to the double step up to improvisation courses”. Eight years of study, as well as in vocational schools. “For each course, an educational program is drawn up with specific technical objectives, the achievement of which is constantly monitored and verified during the mid- and end-of-year exams. At the end of the eighth year of study there is a diploma exam, during which the students are evaluated by a commission composed of the directors of the major Italian and European companies ”explains Ceretti.

“Being able to contribute to the artistic, technical and human growth of young students is a privilege that I am happy to have” confesses Biagio Tambone. And he adds: “Taking stock today of my career and my relationship with the AIDA world, I can say that I am happy and, above all, extremely proud of having contributed to creating this great reality and of continuing, every day, to to make all my experience and knowledge available to the dancers of tomorrow “.


JUNIOR BALLET is the natural continuation of the CFA and develops its activity in two distinct but strongly connected areas: training improvement on the one hand and choreographic production on the other. The training course is aimed at graduated dancers aged between 18 and 25 who intend to deepen and expand their technical and artistic skills to prepare themselves in a complete and structured way for entering the world of work. The JB represents a real hotbed of high-impact choreographic productions, ranging from classical to neoclassical repertoire, from contemporary to the creation of unpublished works signed by the most important choreographers of the national and international dance scene, such as Biagio Tambone, Damiano Artale, Lara Bogni. , Francesco Ventriglia, Attila J. Csiki, Stefania Ballone, Alessio Di Stefano, Fabrizio Coppo.

“The two-year professional course of Higher Education includes a path aimed at dancers

graduates aged between 18 and 25 who intend to deepen and expand their technical and artistic skills and concretely prepare for entry into the world of work – explains Laura Ziccardi, teacher and choreographer – The educational path is enriched by internships in professional companies , which allow young dancers to follow the work of excellent choreographers in Italy and abroad. Among these: the Delattre Dance Company, the Budapest Dance Theater, the Theater Ulm, the Junior Theater. The choreographic production therefore stands as one of the cornerstones of the project because it makes the training internship foundational in shaping and improving professional skills right away, through experience with multifaceted choreographers, such as Biagio Tambone, Lara Bogni, Damiano Artale. And international artists such as Stephen Delattre or Ricardo Fernando of whom we will soon have a creation ”.