Aida Yespica, sad confession: “Christmas without him”, painful loss

The sad confession of the showgirl and former gieffina Aida Yespica: “Christmas without him”, painful loss for her

It will not be a happy Christmas for the well-known showgirl and former contestant of Big Brother Vip. Unfortunately, there won’t be a very important person with her. It was she who revealed it during an interview with the weekly New.

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Sad confession of Aida Yespica: this is what happened (Source: Instagram)

Aida Yespica, sad confession: her words

Aida Yespica is a Venezuelan-born model and showgirl. She became famous in our country, where she landed in 2003. The following year she was among the contestants of the reality show “L’Isola dei Famosi”, while in 2008 she held the role of valet in the television program “Lucignolo”. In 2017 he also participated in the second edition of Big Brother Vip. She was also a protagonist in the cinema with “In this world of thieves” And “Christmas on a cruise “, as well as in some television dramas.

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During an interview with the weekly New, Yespica has let herself go to one sad confession. The Christmas holidays are approaching, but for her it will be a special year and certainly very very sad. The showgirl, in fact, will have to do without a very important person for her, almost fundamental.

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Aida Yespica transparent dress

Due to some bureaucratic problems and due to the Coronavirus emergency, Yespica has not seen the son Aron, had thirteen years ago by the former footballer Matteo Ferrari. The little boy lives in Miami with his father.

At the weekly New, the showgirl and former gieffina explained: “Since I am Venezuelan, in order to enter America I need a visa. And they told me that in order to get it, I will have to wait until March next year“.

The Yespica has also revealed that fortunately the relations with the ex company Matteo Ferrari have improved. The former footballer in the past has tried to obtain the exclusive custody of his only heir: “I don’t know why. We went to court, but ultimately justice proved me right, seeing how much love and dedication I have for my son. I consider myself an excellent mother “.