Aiello: “In the society of likes, love and romance are acts of courage”

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Romantic is the new artistic journey of Aiello; the third album by the Calabrian artist (Columbia Records/Sony Music) sees the revolutionary and avant-garde contribution of Giuseppe and Riccardo, the creative minds of the agency ShipMate. Alongside his lifelong travel companion, Brail, he has added new collaborations (Simonetta, Sine) and the result is an immediate, poetic, fresh record. Romantic it is a magical set of songs, which in the different atmospheres of the tracklist sounds compact and direct; it’s a Pop record full of poetry and real life that before being music was new encounters, travels, changes. And then sex, food and the sea, other characterizing elements of the artist’s poetics.

Antonio let’s start from the history of the album: when was it born and what history does the chivalrous idea of ​​”Romantico” have? It is a somewhat abandoned concept today.

Maybe that’s why someone was needed to awaken the idea of ​​the most beautiful love. It was born from my experience and that of friends that we enjoy for a like and a comment on social media but we don’t take the next step of courtship. This virtual limbo creates a dangerous distance and increases the hardness of heart and life. So I felt the need to tell everyone, being romantic is courage and enjoyment. My two years of retreat were therapeutic for all of this to mature.
To underline the poetic concept of love there is also the “Do you love me (or not) of the daisy: why is “or not” in parentheses?

The parentheses have been with me since the first record, they are my distinctive element. The parenthesis because it’s not a secondary option: in the meantime, let’s try it without thinking about the no.
“Come here if you have courage, if you have love for me”: is love today above all courage? And does that courage need to pass on instagram as you say in “Do you love me (or not)” or can it become a letter like it used to be?

Today it is difficult to go back to writing a letter but I also tell you that Instagram is fine if you know how to use it healthily. Social media is now everyday life. If we live it in the right way, social love can take other paths. For me, love and romance are courage in an everyday life where you are bombarded with images of people.
Is “I’ll be back tomorrow” an illusion or a request for forgiveness?

Both but here it represents the urge I had to go back to someone because I’ve been convinced, in the past, that I’ve neutered stories that had perspectives.
How did it go?

In this case it would have been better if I hadn’t gone back, I had seen right from the beginning.
When is the last time you asked God for a gift?

To find serenity again with a journey that started about a year ago with the psychologist: for the drying up of anger, performance anxiety, acceptance of me and a thousand other things I asked God for help.
I was struck by “I like it a lot” because there is arrogance on one side and compliance on the other.

They are two bad boys who go to a villa to have fun with a fluidity that goes beyond their friendship. For me it’s an erotic and sensual song, I think of it as a union between Lenny Kravitz’s rock and a Rino Gaetano-esque refrain, obviously all reinterpreted in my own way. The message is that things are better when you do the two.
In many passages I have perceived the presence of the concepts of time but also of absence. Do you think they are two pillars of romantic love? In what terms is love also absence?

They are two precious aspects of the tale of romantic love. In my songs there is always melancholy which is not depressing, rather it regenerates. Presence in absence is essential.
“Nothing works here anymore…I’ll pretend I’m fine”: “Specchi” tells of an immediate love, at times toxic. How much is love adaptation?

At the beginning, in the getting-to-know phase it is right to take measures, to rely on healthy compromises that must not, however, distort the nature of the person. Everything must be very natural. The song talks about a love that doesn’t work but it’s also a photo of a time when I saw dark, it’s life and love when things don’t go.
The song with Alessandra Amoroso talks about the ghosts of love, those that pass the years but don’t abandon you: have you learned to defend yourself from them?

I’m learning why in the process of writing it’s risky to look back as certain memories can overwhelm. I learned to distance myself to distinguish what is worth keeping and what is not.
In the end can we say that you hardly feel in the wrong place anymore? And that it’s not true that you’ll never be free?

Absolutely yes, I feel in the right place and in a beautiful moment. I’m back and people notice it. With great honesty I feel free but in full I will never be. I promise to work with fewer cages, filters and chest weights.
Finally, what can you tell me about the tour?

In the summer I will warm up the engines and then in the autumn the tour will arrive in the clubs where I will bring a lot of “Romantico” but also many things from the previous albums. There will be a common thread despite the ingredients being different. They will be evenings in total freedom, between emotional slaps, hugs and liberating tears… I want people to sing life in my face like I do with her!