Ainett Stephens to Pino Insegno: “I deserve an apology”

“She said I won’t be the Black Cat in the Merchant at the Fair because I’ve aged…”

“I would like an apology, at the very least…”. Ainett Stephens, historical ‘Gatta Nera’ in the show Il merchant at the fair, thus replies on Instagram to the words of Pino Insegno to The presenter of the show, which will be broadcast on Raidue, has proposed a change in the role of the Black Cat: “Obviously there will be the Black Cat, we are looking for her. Ainett has become a little older, many years have passed, she remains an unforgettable icon of that program”.

“The role of the Black Cat will presumably be given younger. The person in charge of presenting the show said he didn’t reconfirm me because I’ve aged. Seeing people linked to ancient legacies, according to which people at 40 are old… is inadmissible…”, Stephens says in stories on his profile. “40 years are more beautiful than 30 and 20: today I have awareness, I no longer worry about inadequacies. Today’s woman has the power to express herself, she no longer lives subjugated by ‘boys’. I feel more alive and fresh than ever, more fascinating than ever”.