Air, Ben Affleck’s Spanish accent in the promo goes viral VIDEO

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The Boston-born actor and director recently spoke to Spanish radio station La Cadena SER about his new film Air, and the video in which he uses perfect Spanish has gone viral. “I didn’t know Ben spoke Spanish. Well done man!” reads one comment on social media, while another wrote: “Wow, can we hear more of Ben speaking Spanish?” Others have joked that his skills might even rival those of his wife Jennifer Lopez, who is fluent in the language and has Latin roots, as her parents were both born in Puerto Rico.

Ben Affleck’s Spanish

Ben Affleck learned Spanish as a second language while working on a television series filmed in Mexico in the 1980s as a teenager. It should be about The Second Voyage of the Mimi, the series that tells the adventure of an imaginary crew of a sailboat exploring the Mayan ruins in southern Mexico. In 2020 as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show, he said he spoke the language “passively” and that his eldest daughter Violet was about to surpass him in fluency. “She has always been a very good student, and has been interested in Spanish, I help her often,” she explained, adding, “She may surpass me.” “The problem with Spanish is that you learn a lot of words, some good, some you know. And then you go somewhere else, like you go to Spain or you go to South America and the people there tell you, ‘No, it’s not Spanish.’” Affleck stressed, revealing that he is often told that he speaks Spanish with a Mexican accent.

Air – The story of the Great Leap

Affleck is currently busy with the promotion of Air – The story of the Great Leap at the cinema from April 6 of which he is director and interpreter. The film chronicles the groundbreaking partnership between Michael Jordan and Nike to launch the celebrated “Air Jordan” brand. A motivational story about the feat of an unconventional team that, with their future at stake, makes a decisive bet, the uncompromising vision of a mother who knows the value of her son’s immense talent and the ‘phenomenon’ of basketball , which later became the greatest of all time. The cast also includes Viola Davis, Matt Damon, Chris Tucker, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Jason Bateman.