Air transport, Enac: In the first 6 months passenger traffic 4 times that of 2021 “

Movements have also more than doubled, ie the number of take-offs and landings at Italian airports

The air transport sector restarts decisively, as shown by the data of the first half-yearly report prepared by Enac: between January and June 2022 the volume of passengers is 4 times that of the first six months of 2021. We are not yet in the pre-pandemic conditions, but the trend appears positive. Compared to last year, there is an increase in passengers transported by 314%. Movements have also more than doubled, ie the number of take-offs and landings at Italian airports.

The traffic recovery phase also makes it possible to analyze the evolution of the “competitive” scenario, trying to intercept the change in the commercial strategies of the carriers that are opting for a different positioning on the international traffic routes. This is why Enac considered it useful to elaborate an opening of the main routes of scheduled and charter traffic (origin destination Italy to / from the main geographic areas in the world) in order to indicate which areas are driving the recovery the most and, on the contrary , of those that still show a substantial gap with respect to the traffic recorded up to 2019.

Overall, the data processed by Enac, say that about 20 million passengers are missing from the call to equalize the result of 2019: a -23.5% compared to the first half of 3 years ago. The result is however conditioned by the first months of the year, in which stringent restrictions were still in force for flying. Driving the recovery, in addition to the domestic market, is the boom in departures and arrivals from the Americas, but also the recovery of connections with destinations east of Europe: the Middle East and Asia. Overall, the number of passengers transported to and from non-European destinations totals a + 588% which gives the picture of a renewed desire to travel.