Air, why doesn’t Michael Jordan appear in the film?

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Air is the new Ben Affleck film that tells how Nike managed to collaborate with Michael Jordan in the 80s. However, Jordan’s character is never shown head-on: the young actor who plays him (Damian Young) is never seen face-on. The director, screenwriter, performer and producer of the film, Ben Affleck, recently explained to The Hollywood Reporter this choice, strongly desired by him. It is highly appreciated by both critics and the public.

Michael Jordan is seen in artfully edited archival footage that is shown at certain stages of the narrative, however we never see his face. The reason is simple: “Jordan is too big to put him in the film,” said Ben Affleck in a recent chat with the US magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

“He exists above our story and all around it. But if we had shown the face of the actor playing him, if we had told the audience, ‘Here he is, this guy is young Michael Jordan,’ well, nobody would have believed it. Because it would have been fake. Only Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan. On the contrary, I thought that if the audience brought everything they thought and remembered about Michael into the film, then the film would work better,” Affleck told thr.

An artistic choice to bring out the greatness of a modern “god”.

The artistic choice for which the filmmaker has opted has proved successful because it manages to bring out the greatness of Michael Jordan in the unconscious of the spectators. Showing him on the big screen would have been something we could define as “iconoclastic”: in fact we are talking about an NBA player so deified that showing his non-original representation (played by an actor) would be somewhat blasphemous.
Furthermore, this choice makes the audience more involved, given that the spectator does not find himself passively undergoing a film but must build it himself, thus placing himself actively and drawing on his own memory. Leaving the cinema, one does not have the impression of having witnessed a puzzle with a missing piece but, on the contrary, one feels that one has given one’s precious contribution to an imposing fresco, masterfully painted by director Ben Affleck but with no a few brushstrokes signed by the spectators themselves.
The choice to never show Michael Jordan has been appreciated by critics and the public. And we are already talking about Air as of the possible first contender for the Oscars 2024.

A film that tells the intuition of manager Sonny Vaccaro

Air – The story of the great leap tells the intuition of manager Sonny Vaccaro, the man behind the birth of the famous line of Air Jordan shoes, derived from the collaboration between Nike and the then budding and semi-unknown champion Michael Jordan.
The film tells the incredible and revolutionary partnership between a young player and the nascent basketball division of Nike. Vaccaro’s intuition was able to revolutionize the world of sport with the launch of the Air Jordan brand.

At the center of the story is the feat of the sportswear company’s marketing team who make a bet: they bet on a budding champion. The film is an exciting tale of the real war, for millions of dollars, between sneaker brands such as Adidas, Nike and Converse in search of a testimonial. And last but not least, in the film there is the uncompromising vision of a mother who knows the immense talent of a son who will become the greatest basketball phenomenon of all time.

The film is the first title produced by the production house of two best friends: Affleck and Damon

If there are two names that in Hollywood are considered quintessential friends, those aren’t Joey and Chandler (joke: let’s talk about characters from Friends) but Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.
These two actors before becoming stars of the Hollywood Olympus were already best friends, since they had known each other since their adolescence. After making friends in high school, they tried to climb the mountain of success together, jumping into the world of cinema side by side. They shared the bank account, shared countless sets, co-starred and co-wrote the script for Will Hunting from 1997 (film for which they shared another very important thing, namely an Oscar for the screenplay) and today they also share a production company. It’s called Artists Equity, which they co-founded. And the first film that came out of this film studio of theirs is Air, starring the legendary duo (and directed by Ben Affleck). The film that tells the story of the partnership between the strongest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan, and Nike hit theaters on April 5 and is enjoying enormous success. Air tells from the beginning the incredible story of how a sportsman and a brand have decided to grow together, up to touch the Olympus. That too is the story of a partnership that has brought both a lot of success, a bit like in the case of Affleck and Damon.