Airline loses 4 dogs of a passenger, he collapses on the ground in despair

“Where have my dogs gone? Where are they? My dogs can’t possibly have disappeared. They are my life, they are like my children.” This is the desperation of a Brazilian tourist flying from the Philippines who landed in Istanbul, Turkey, for a stopover. The man, owner of 4 dogshad his four-legged friends on board and upon arrival in the Turkish state, the airline informed him that his puppies had not reached their destination and that they had not been able to locate them.

In the video circulated on the web, the man can be seen bursting into tears, screaming and throwing himself to the ground in despair before the incredulous gaze of people. Like that of a woman who decided to capture the moment and publish everything on TikTok. Going viral, the images shocked the net and sparked thousands of comments: “How is it possible that an airline is not able to take care of the animals it takes on board?” Many wondered, while others said they had lived similar experiences firsthand: “You will never be able to understand this type of video until you have the joy of feeling that love” or “I almost cried, I understand your despair”.

All’s well that ends well however, the man in a video posted on his Instagram profile has in fact made it known that thanks to the police he has managed to embrace his dogs again.