Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso: the singer let everyone know

The revelation of Al Bano Carrisi on Loredana Lecciso: the singer has decided to let everyone know, what he said.

There is nothing to say: Al Bano Carrisi and Loredana Lecciso they form one of the longest-lived couples on Italian television. The two met several years ago and have never left each other since.

What did Al Bano want to know about Loredana Lecciso. Credits: Instagram

A lot of water has passed under the bridges since Loredana Lecciso and Al Bano Carrisi met for the first time, yet the two lovebirds continue to really love each other madly. Of course, they are not one of those couples who usually show themselves to their public or share every aspect of their private life, but seeing their eyes when they are close, it is clear that theirs is one of those loves that happen to you only once. in life. To confirm this, are the words that the singer from Cellino San Marco has reserved for his sweet partner at the weekly “Gente”. Did you also see what he said he?

Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso: the singer said it clearly

There has often been talk of marriage, but it would seem that between Al Bano Carrisi and Loredana Lecciso things are fine as they are. Many times, moreover, there has been talk of crisis, separation and much more, instead the two lovebirds seem to be more united than ever. To talk about it, it was the singer of Cellino San Marco at the weekly ‘Gente’. I am reluctant to tell about my private sphere, I don’t like to expose feelings, out of modesty, out of confidentiality “, he began to tell the good Carrisi, praising his partner and defining her as beautiful, intelligent, practical and attentive. Have you ever wondered, though, if there was ever any ‘no’ period between them?

Perhaps for the first time, Al Bano admitted that there were dark periods between him and Loredana. On the other hand, who doesn’t have one especially when it comes to a decades-long relationship. However, this is precisely the strength of their love: overcoming any kind of obstacle. “TOWe have had dark moments, but in all this time I have liked his solidity and his desire for family. This evolution today gives us a more mature balance and dimension “, he said.

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Credits: Instagram

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