Al Bano Carrisi, great joy in the family: there is something to celebrate

New joy to celebrate for Al Bano Carrisi and his family. The singer-songwriter starts the new year off right, that’s with whom.

Who would have thought that Al Bano Carrisi would it give new joys to the fans? The songwriter originally from Cellino San Marco, he is one of the most appreciated personalities of the Italian music scene when the Big names of the Italian scene are taken into consideration. Guest at several appointments, he has always tried to convey great emotions with his music, without ever putting aside the traditions to which he is so attached. The new year starts with a bang, and what a bang!

Al Bano Carrisi and Jasmine (Credits: @albano_official_) – Sologossip

It is in planning a new project, but there are concerns that afflict fans, and not just them. In the last ten years you have made several appearances in the world of television. She has even participated in Friends of Maria De Filippimost watched program of Mediaset, as Judge. His voice and point of view have always been very important, to the point that even a The Voice he was an important judge, alongside his daughter Jasmine Carisi. But behind so many successes, there is the weight of sacrifices and difficulties which now shows without filters and censorship.

Al Bano Carrisi and the new project: what it is about

The old year is ending to open the door to the new, and also for Al Bano Carrisi start a new adventure. After so many years of music, and especially the last few years of television, her face has increasingly become essential for the audience at home. So, after so many years of family crises, gossip, and stories about him and that of loved ones, has decided to start a project that will make everything clear.

In 2023 there will be a documentary about the life and private background of Al Bano Carrisi. As already mentioned, however, there are also questions around this new job that brings so much happiness. The excluded they are not unknown names.

Al Bano Carrisi and his daughter new job
Al Bano Carrisi and Jasmine (Credits: @albano_official_) – Sologossip

His partner will be present with him, Loredana Lecciso, and the daughter Jasmine Carisi. It is precisely the latter that shares important information. Explain to Weekly New tv the reason for this project, and what it means to her and her family.

<<“Sarà l’occasione per scoprire qualcosa di più su di noi. Mostreremo finalmente com’è la vera famiglia Carrisi, quella che io conosco da sempre>>.

The ambition it is a lot, also because the very young daughter of art would like to become a singer just like her parents. She joined her dad a The Voicebut the road for a famous daughter like her is not as easy as it seems.


The Announcements they don’t end there. With regard to, Romina Power, Yari, Cristel, and Romina Junior, they are the big ones excluded from this project. It hasn’t been confessed if they won’t be there because they weren’t invited to the project or because they refused. In the meantime, there is no shortage of warnings, such as that of Romina in Loredana after the latter’s last interview a Sunday In with Mara Venier. Will this also be discussed in the documentary?