Al Bano climbs a pylon during the concert in Pomigliano d’Arco. VIDEO

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Al Bano amazed his fans during a recent concert in Pomigliano d’Arco. The singer, who turned 80 on May 20, climbed a trellis near the stage during the performance. Hat on his head and microphone in his pocket, he reached a comfortable position about 3 or 4 meters high and then, from there, he kept singing for a few minutes and encouraged the audience to follow him in chorus, before returning to the ground and continue the show.

Al Bano: “I wanted to see you from up here”

The scene sparked the enthusiasm of the fans, who dedicated an ovation to Al Bano. “I wanted to see you from up here,” explained the artist. The moment was also filmed by various mobile phones and immediately rebounded on social networks. In one of the videos, some worried voices are also heard asking the singer to get off so as not to get hurt. In reality, the climb is nothing new for Al Bano, who in the past had also climbed during other concerts. “You call it ‘rock gesture’. It is a peasant gesture: I was inspired by my father ”, he told al Corriere della Sera, denying that he was inspired by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder or Arcade Fire’s Will (“I’m sorry, but I don’t know who they are”). And on his father he added: “Up until the end he continued to climb our trees to prune them. I learned from him, I started doing it when I was 6-7 years old”.