Al Bano: ”social controversy for Morandi from La Russa? Institutions have no color”

The singer of Cellino San Marco: ”He has taught everyone a good lesson, we must respect the will of the people who have chosen this government”

”The institutions have no political colors And Morandi he did what he had to do. We must also learn to respect the will of a people and the people have chosen this Government”. So at Adnkronos Al Bano on social controversy which were unleashed following Gianni Morandi’s participation in the 75th anniversary of the Senate with President Ignazio La Russa. On the fact that for many social users Morandi, as ‘near the left’, was wrong to go to the ceremony in the Senate, Al Bano adds: ”Enough with this ‘right’ and ‘left’ story, Morandi was guest by the institutions and made the right choice – he underlines – I am totally on the side of Morandi and the institutions, participating gave a good lesson to all”, concludes Al Bano.

(by Alisa Toaff)