Al Gf Vip shows himself like this, but before it was completely different: unrecognizable

Al Gf Vip shows himself like this, but before it was completely different: the new reality competitor is unrecognizable in this shot.

Continue the adventure of the vipponi in the house of GF Vip and the new arrivals have created confusion in recent weeks. Among these he too, Andrea Maestrellibeautiful as the sun and ready to experience this new adventure in the most spied on TV house.

Andrea at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

House where he found his former flame, Nicole Murgia, who he attended for a few months during the summer. A story that did not last long due to misunderstandings, but no hard feelings remained between the two. Will the handsome footballer make some other Vippona’s heart beat during the months at GF Vip? While waiting to find out, we took a look at his Instagram channel and discovered that, a few years ago, the Roman is very different from how he appears today. A totally revolutionized look: Curious to see how it was? You will hardly recognize it!

Unrecognizable in this shot: as Andrea Maestrelli was, the new competitor of the GF Vip

Andrea Maestrelli and Dana Saber are the latest arrivals in the house of the GF Vip. They joined the rest of the group only two days ago, during Monday evening’s episode, but, in a few hours, they have already left their mark in the Cinecittà house. The Italian-Moroccan model, for example, has already had a very heated argument with Patrizia Rossetti over the kitchen and the dishes to wash! Andrea’s situation is different, who, at least for the moment, seems to get along with all of his roommates, who have welcomed him in the best possible way. Currently free agent, nephew of 2006 world champion Marco Materazzi, Andrea has a Instagram profile which, at the moment, has more than 10 thousand followers. A number destined to grow considering the popularity that the reality show hosted by Signorini offers. But, speaking of Instagram, there is one click which you absolutely must see.

A few years ago, exactly in the spring of 2020, Andrea experimented with the look super shaved. Do you know the thick curly hair with which he showed himself to the GF Vip? forget it! This is how Andrea was a few years ago:

andrea gf vip look
Andrea in 2020 (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

Oh yes, its beauty is undeniable, whatever the look chosen by the footballer. Who, also a few years ago, also wore platinum-blonde hair for some time, and then returned to his natural color. And you, are you following Andrea’s first days in the most spied on TV house? What do you think of the new entries? Hold on tight because, in all likelihood, that’s not all: in January there will be further new entries in this very rich edition of the reality show. We can’t wait to meet them!