‘Aladin’ flies back to the Brancaccio theater in Rome for a ‘brilliant’ musical

Giovanni Abbracciavento in the title role with Emanuela Rei interpreting Jasmine and the two geniuses of the lamp and the ring, Umberto Noto and Michele Savoia, directed by Maurizio Colombi

A musical ‘genius’: never was the definition, for the subtitle, more appropriate, given that even two genes are exhibited, the traditional one of the lamp and the original one of the ring, to make it fly again ‘Aladin’ above the stalls of the t
Brancaccio Theater in Rome, for over a month from December 2nd to January 9th. In the role of protagonists Giovanni Abbracciavento for Aladin ed Emanuela Rei – at the cinema in this period with the film ‘A monstrous family’ alongside Massimo Ghini, Lucia Ocone, Lillo and Paolo Calabresi – as Jasmine the daughter of the sultan, while the two geniuses are played by Umberto Noto and Michele Savoia, all directed by the creator of the show e director Maurizio Colombi.

“I hope this musical, since family show, is a welcome gift for all families – Colombi hopes – The story is inspired by original fairy tale from ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ where it is foreseen the presence of two genes, that of the lamp and that of the ring, both sons of Gea the goddess of the Earth, of which we wanted to invent a sort of prequel and sequel. They grant wishes, of course; but only the good ones, the altruistic ones, who ask themselves not for themselves but for another person, otherwise they will not be realized. And here the comic fabric of the musical within the love story between Aladin and Jasmine. The staging – the director emphasizes – is reminiscent of a cartoon. And compared to the previous edition, we will have a more technological ‘flight’ of Aladin on the flying carpet: a choice that can be defined as courageous but which absolutely cannot be spoiled “.

Spoilerable, on the other hand, are the altruistic desires that the two protagonists would express if they really were in possession of a magic lamp. “I would like people to finally be able to experience moments of leisure and light-heartedness again”, promises Emanuela Rei, already Jasmine in the previous edition, which was longer than half an hour; while the new entry Giovanni Abbracciavento recalls “the joy of being able to give up everything and spend carefree hours, perhaps coming to the theater for two hours to see this beautiful musical!”.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)