Alain Delon, carer reported for moral harassment

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Alain Delon’s caregiver has been sued by the French actor’s children for moral harassment and violation of correspondence. “I suspect abuse and count on the investigation to ascertain it,” commented Christophe Ayela, the family’s lawyer who gave the news to the AFP agency, adding that Delon himself joined the complaint by signing a written statement.

“Aggressive, denigrates and offends him”

The situation was further clarified in a statement released by the lawyer who explains how “since Alain Delon’s cardiovascular accident, dating back to 2019”, the woman, who moved to the now 87-year-old actor’s home “shows more and more aggressive, denigrates and offends him and his children”. According to what was disclosed by the lawyer, the woman would then continue to isolate the actor from relatives, friends, family, “using maneuvers and threats”.


The prosecution continues: “He systematically monitors his telephone conversations and his private messages. She replies for him, posing as him, and tries to intercept his mail. He prevents his children from visiting him regularly, as they always have. She shows herself authoritative, threatening, going so far as to mistreat Delon’s dog in an unacceptable way ”. The complaint was made to the public prosecutor’s office in Montargis, in central France, where the plaintiff has a property, by Anouchka, Alain-Fabien and Anthony Delon, who filed a further complaint against the same carer for “violence and kidnapping vulnerable, abuse and harassment”.