Alain Delon, the shocking phrases: “I want to die, life is over”

The newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ reveals a medical report from last July on the actor’s health conditions: “State of physical and psychological exhaustion, strong risk of suicide”

I want to die, life is over“: I am the shocking words that Alain Delon is said to have uttered last July 20th during a doctor’s visit in the French actor’s country house in Douchy, in the Loire Valley. The health inspection has taken place as part of the judicial investigation into Hiromi Rollin, her lady-in-waiting denounced by the actor’s three childrenAnouchka, Alain-Fabien and Anthony Delon.

Since 2019, the year in which he suffered a serious stroke, Alain Delon has been very weak physically, as confirmed the investigation report obtained by the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’. Last summer the actor, now 88 years old, made some worrying revelations to the doctor sent to Douchy: the icon of French cinema apparently expressed a desire to die, even declaring that he “wasn’t expecting anything anymore” because his “life was over “.

In a report later sent to investigators, iThe doctor would also have stated that the interpreter of Luchino Visconti’s masterpieces “Rocco and his brothers” and “The Leopard” he was “in a state of physical and psychological exhaustion with a strong risk of suicide”.

Last July, in addition to the conversation with the doctor, Alain Delon he was interrogated by the gendarmes of Orléans in relation to the complaint presented by his three children against Hiromi Rollin. According to the report published by “Le Parisien”, the star appeared weakened and “unable to walk without crutches”. The medical report also mentions that “speech is very poor” and that the actor “was unable to get up from the chair on his own”. Finally, the investigators conclude that “Alain Delon was in a state of weakness known to all as early as January 2022”.

Last week the French newspaper “Le Figaro” revealed that Hiromi Rollin, who depending on the moment was indicated as the actor’s carer, lady-in-waiting or even companion, denounced Delon’s three children for attempted murder against the father. Rollin sent a letter to the Montargis prosecutor’s office, which is investigating the star’s health conditions, in which he asks to “carry out urgent investigations” into facts that appear to resemble a “premeditated murder attempt” by the actor’s children on the father.

(Of Paolo Martini)