Alain Delon, the truth of his son Anthony, guest today on Verissimo

The father’s health, family relationships, legal battles

Alain Delon’s son, Anthony, guest today on Verissimo in the episode broadcast on Canale 5. Anthony Delon answers Silvia Toffanin’s questions on his father’s health and emotional state and on his complex relationships with his sister Anouchka.

The health of Alain Delon, 88 years old and victim of a stroke in 2019, has long been a cause for concern and the topic has returned to the spotlight following recent articles in the newspaper Le Parisien. “I want to die, life is over,” the actor reportedly said last July 20 during a doctor’s visit to the French actor’s country house in Douchy, in the Loire Valley. Delon’s children – Anouchka, Alain-Fabien and Anthony – have denounced Hiromi Rollin, their father’s lady-in-waiting, now at the center of a judicial investigation.

Last week the French newspaper “Le Figaro” revealed that Hiromi Rollin, who depending on the moment was indicated as the actor’s carer, lady-in-waiting or even companion, in turn denounced Delon’s three children for attempted murder towards his father. Rollin sent a letter to the Montargis prosecutor’s office, which is investigating the star’s health conditions, in which he asks to “carry out urgent investigations” into facts that appear to resemble a “premeditated murder attempt” by the actor’s children on the father.