Alain Delon’s partner reports her children for attempted murder of their father

The actor suffers from diffuse lymphoma

A new legal dispute is stirring up the issue of Alain Delon’s state of health. The 88-year-old actor’s ex-partner, Hiromi Rollin, has Delon’s children reported attempted murder against their father. In fact, the woman yesterday sent a letter to the Montargis prosecutor’s office, which is investigating the star’s health conditions, in which she asks to “carry out urgent investigations” into facts which, according to her, resemble a “premeditated murder attempt” by of the actor’s children on their father. The French newspaper ‘Le Figaro’ reports this, citing sources close to the case.

In the letter, written by her lawyer Yassine Bouzrou and seen by ‘Le Figaro’, Rollin highlights the worsening health conditions of the great actor with whom she lived for more than thirty years on the Douchy property, from which she was kicked out from their children last summer. The woman claims that when she still lived with Delon, suffering from diffuse lymphoma, his health conditions were stable thanks to the care of the actor’s Swiss doctors. After Douchy’s ‘expulsion’, however, Rollin claims that her children would not have taken their father to Switzerland for the new check-up scheduled for August 28th and that they would not have consulted the doctor who had been treating Delon since June 30th. last. According to the actor’s ex-partner, this decision to interrupt the treatment would be demonstrated by an exchange of messages between his children Anouchka, Anthony and Alain-Fabien in which they say they are “aware that the treatment is vital” and that interrupting it “would accelerate the death of the father”.

In the text messages, viewed by ‘Le Figaro’, his son Anthony would have proposed “to immediately suspend the chemo” and to feed his father “fruit juices to compensate for his deficiencies”, in the belief that chemotherapy would help “accelerate the irremediable”. In the letter, Rollin and her lawyer link the current worsening of Delon’s condition to this lack of “follow-up” of treatment. And they add: “Delon’s children cannot ignore that the replacement of heavy pharmacological treatment with fruit juices will in no way guarantee the stability of the state of health of an 88-year-old man suffering from a serious illness usually treated by medical specialists “, concluding that “these elements allow us to affirm that they would have committed acts that could be characterized as attempted murder”. Now the word goes to the Montargis prosecutor’s office who could decide to open an investigation.