Alain Delon’s son: “ My father didn’t ask me to end his life ”

Anthony Delon to ‘Verissimo’ clarifies: ” He told me that if one day he can’t take it anymore he will want to resort to euthanasia ”

” My father didn’t ask me to wear end of his life. There has been a misunderstanding surrounding this affair. Today he is fine, he just said that if one day he can’t take it anymore he will want to resort to possibility of euthanasia, so as not to suffer ”. So Anthony Delon, son of a cinema legend like Alain Delon, an exclusive guest on Saturday 1 October at ‘Verissimo’, clarifies the rumors in the international press regarding his father’s will to put an end to his life. Editorial case in France with his autobiography by title ‘Sweet Cruel’, the French actor had the strength to write down his life and the sufferings he experienced in his family. Speaking of behaviors violent that his father had towards him, he confides: “ He behaved in that way because he too was abandoned – he said – drama of his life happened when he decided to go to war at 17 and his mother signed up to enlist, also accepting the risk that he could die. The suffering and violence he had inside him come from that episode. When suffers so much inwardly – continued Anthony Delon – it can happen to repeat this pain towards others. And to Silvia Toffanin’s question, who asks if she has forgiven him, she replies: ” To find one’s balance it is essential to forgive. We must love and try to understand so as not to repeat the same mistakes ”. Finally, a part of the book is dedicated to his mother

disappeared in early 2021 after a terrible illness. Delon has decided to resume his last 37 days of life to make a documentary that will be released soon: ” She agreed because she wanted to leave a testimony to her granddaughters. But I didn’t show much the disease, in fact the documentary will be called The best way to leave. Today many elderly people are left alone, but I wanted to show how our family and her friends were close to her until the end ”, she continued.