Alaska, Chinese and Russian ships sighted: US sends destroyers

The sighting of 11 warships off the coast, in nearby international waters

There US Navy sends destroyers off coast of Alaska after 11 Chinese and Russian warships sighted in nearby international waters. Senator Dan Sullivan, a Republican from Alaska, called the dimensions of last week’s joint operation by Moscow and Beijing “unprecedented”, with the United States having in response sent the 4 destroyers near the Aleutian Islands.

The US Northern Command said the Russian and Chinese ships they remained in international waters and were not considered a threat. But the display of force was interpreted as a way to remember the military collaboration between the two countries and how close they are to Alaska, Cbsnews underlines today.

Joe Biden’s response to the provocation was too tepid, this is the comment that is coming from several Republican exponents after the news of the incident that took place last week was released today.

“Under President Biden, Russia and China are threatening to take over their neighbors and their new Axis now operates off America’s coast,” former vice president, and now a candidate for the White House, Mike Pence wrote on Twitter. . “America needs a commander in chief who understands this threat and builds a stronger Navy,” he added, concluding that “the enemies of freedom only understand strength.”

“China and Russia are sending 11 warships off the coast of Alaska and we can only get 4 of them together to defend our homeland,” tweeted Florida Congressman Mike Waltz (R-Fla.), a former Green Beret, who then attacked Biden’s budget which proposes buying nine new warships but retiring 11.