Alba Parietti shows herself just like that: many do not believe their eyes

Alba Parietti shows herself in some photos that no one expected: this time the Turin showgirl really left everyone speechless.

It is certainly no mystery that, despite having turned 61, Alba Parietti you remain one of the most seductive and fascinating women on the entire Italian television scene. What makes her a true idol, however, is her sparkling, ironic, enthusiastic about life and never banal personality. Qualities that emerge every time we see her as a guest in the various programs or that she interacts on social networks.

Alba Parietti amazes everyone (Credits: Instagram)

Her cipher has always been frankness and being herself, behaviors that she continues to adopt even when she has to express her own thought or emotion through her very popular Instagram profile. For example, in recent months Alba has been sharing with the fans the happiness of her that gives her the love story with her new partner and there are many shots and posts of her that she dedicates to this phase of her life so full of joy.

Precisely in this period in which many stars are taking sides in favor of a naturalness that on social media is too often replaced by excessive retouching of images, even Parietti has decided to have her say on the matter. She did it in the way that most mirrors her: going straight to the point and with a certain irony.

Alba Parietti surprises everyone: she shows herself why we would have expected to see her

Always the mother of Francesco Oppini she said she was against the excessive use of filters when it comes to social photos. Provocative as only she knows how to be, last July she therefore wanted to show herself first and foremost in a couple of selfies modified in an exaggerated way precisely to highlight how much in this way, according to her, an artificial image of oneself is built that in the long run does not pay. .

“You can practically stick to your daughter’s face, your grandmother’s uncle. By Sharon Stone by Oliver Stone of your grandfather in wheelbarrow ”, she writes in the caption of the images. “You can become Parietti, Parietti can become Parietti’s daughter, Parietti’s granddaughter, you’re fat you can be thin, you stretch or shorten your legs,” she adds.

After the long introduction, however, he gets to the point and ‘strikes the blow’: “But really, in some cases you risk being reported for fraud. The problem is not what others see, but how you present yourself to someone who follows you and does not recognize you ”. A further food for thought on a topic that has recently been taking center stage among the people of the web.

If what Alba says certainly has a certain weight of truth, it is also true that, as he pointed out Wanda Nara a few weeks ago, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with publishing the most successful shots and that this does not mean not accepting one’s own aesthetic defects, from which even the most famous women are not exempt.

Alba Parietti shows herself
Alba Parietti, all speechless (Credits: Instagram)

Do you agree with Parietti’s thinking?