Alba Parietti, the announcement concerns her son Francesco: what happened

Alba Parietti makes it known on social media: the showgirl’s announcement concerns her son Francesco Oppini, have you seen what happened?

To the sound of ‘smiles’ the splendid summer of Alba Parietti it was lived under the banner of love and serenity. The splendid showgirl, she gave the best of herself throughout the summer season and with shots in which she appeared in splendid physical shape and alongside her new partner, she appeared happier than ever!

Alba Parietti and the announcement about her son (Credits: Instagram)

It has been rumored for some time that she will be back on TV, after about 16 years from her absence on the small screen, some rumors would see the showgirl ready to return! In this regard, however, Alba Parietti has not yet fully expressed herself. So, for this we will need to wait even before having a confirmation or perhaps a denial! But to intrigue the fans of the splendid Alba Parietti was a announcement that the showgirl did through social media that she sees as the protagonist Francesco Oppinihis son. Well, let’s find out what it is!

Alba Parietti, the announcement concerns her son Francesco: what did he know

Francesco Oppini and the son from Alba Parietti and of Franco Oppini. The two from 81 to 90 were husband and wife. The love between the two blossomed towards the end of the 70s, and just a year after their marriage, Francesco, their only son, came into the world. But after 9 years of marriage, the two made the decision to go their separate ways. The cause of the end of the marriage would have been the age difference between the two. At the time, Alba Parietti was very young. Today, however, Alba Parietti has found love together with her current partner.

Super caring mother, and very attached to her Francesco. Oppini’s experience at Big Brother Vip had shown us the strong bond between mother and child. And apparently, even today, mother Alba is certainly the first great supporter of her son Francesco. And with a announcement given via social media, Alba Parietti he wanted to tell about his success son he is having and the goals achieved thanks to his preparation.

Golden year for my tiger cub“, Wrote Alba Parietti in a long post where she wanted to give all her support to her son Francesco who just a few days ago took part in various television programs on the small screen. Among these, he plays the role of sports commentator on Italia 1 as well as the 7Gold and will take part as a regular guest in Serena Bortone’s program, Today is another day.

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Alba Parietti and Francesco Oppini (Credits: Instagram)

“The thing I like most is that his victories are deserved, with study, competence, knowledge of the television medium and I must say without false modesty, great empathy and sympathy“, Concluded Alba Parietti with a big good luck for the new television season!