Albania, two earthquakes of magnitude 4.7 and 4.1 near Tirana

The tremors, within seven minutes of each other, were felt throughout the country and in the rest of the Balkans, especially in North Macedonia. The first was of magnitude 4.7, recorded at 22.37 yesterday, with its epicenter 25 kilometers north-east of Tirana, at a depth of 10 kilometers, felt in many Albanian cities. The second of magnitude 4.1.

Emergency services on full alert

After the second earthquake, people poured into the streets. According to the Albanian press, some minor damage was reported in the Administrative Unit of Xiber, Municipality of Klos. All the Civil Protection structures are on standby and in constant contact with all the Municipalities of the country. After the wave of earthquakes, all the emergency services of the Municipality of Tirana have been put on full alert. Mayor Erion Veliaj invites citizens to report any problems to the emergency numbers. “A wave of earthquakes has been felt in Tirana. Our emergency services are on full alert! For any problems in homes or mountain roads, please notify immediately on 112 or the fire brigade on 128. Take care take care of each other!” wrote Veliaj on Twitter.