Albanian opposition appeals against the agreement with Italy on migrants

Tensions in Albanian politics. The opposition Democratic Party, led by Lulzim Basha, and 28 other deputies aligned alongside the former centre-right prime minister Sali Berisha, turned separately today to the country’s Constitutional Court to challenge the agreement on migrants signed by Edi Rama and Giorgia Meloni. In both appeals, the agreement is considered in violation of the country’s Constitution and also of the international conventions to which Albania adheres. The Court was asked to act quickly, suspending the procedures for ratification in the Tirana Parliament already underway (THE SPECIAL ON MIGRANTS).

“Agreement goes beyond simple protocol between governments”

In particular, in the appeals, the fact is contested that “due to its nature and terms, the agreement goes beyond a simple protocol between two governments, as Albania renounces its sovereignty over the territory intended for the reception centers. Therefore the Prime Minister should have obtained the authorization of the President of the Republic”.

The next steps

The agreement should be submitted to the Albanian Parliament for approval on December 22nd. And this space of time seems to be short enough to allow the Constitutional Court to intervene.

Frontex will not help Italy with repatriations from Albania

Meanwhile, news is emerging on how the agreement will impact the management of migrants. “It is not up to me to judge how the Italian government manages immigration policy. We can provide support to both member countries and third countries and we give support to Albania, but our regulation does not allow us to carry out repatriations from third countries. We are not allowed to help Albania to repatriate migrants. If Italy needs help we can do it on Italian soil with Italian jurisdiction”, said the executive director of Frontex, Hans Leijtens, in a hearing at the Schengen Committee.

Piantedosi: “Costs lower than the figures shown”

While from Italy, the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, makes it known that the allocation for the construction of centers for migrants in Albania “is certainly lower than what emerged in some press outlets. The clarification of the resources is underway in the ministerial structures, but they must be seen as investments in the management of migration policies. There will then be compensation for the costs weighing on the reception system due to the massive arrivals of migrants”.