Alberto Castagna, how his beautiful daughter has become and what she does in her life

Alberto Castagna, how the splendid daughter of the unforgettable conductor of Strangelove has become and what she does in her life.

It was March 1, 2005 when a terrible news shocked the world of TV. At the age of 59, seventeen years ago, he passed away Alberto Castagnaone of the most popular conductors of our small screen.

The conductor Alberto Castagna (Youtube Credits)

The protagonist of several successful programs, it is with Strangelove that he achieved maximum popularity and, even today, viewers remember with affection the program and the delightful way in which Alberto was at the helm. We know almost everything about his illustrious and unforgettable career, but not everyone is aware that from the wedding, celebrated in ’94 and lasted only one year, between the conductor Pucci Romano Carolina was born. Have you ever seen Alberto Castagna’s daughter? We show it to you.

Who is Carolina, daughter of Alberto Castagna and what does she do in her life

She was 13 when her dad suddenly disappeared due to internal bleeding. Today, Carolina Castagna is 30 years old and the resemblance to father Alberto is remarkable. Extremely reserved and far from the world of entertainment, Carolina is graduated in Medicine, works in the medical field and lives in Rome. From her Instagram channel it is clear that the thirty-year-old is passionate about travel and photography: many and truly enchanting his shots around the world. Carolina was born from the marriage between Alberto Castagna and the dermatologist Concetta Romano, known as Pucci: the wedding lasted only a year, after which the conductor began a story with the actress Francesca Rettondini. Alberto and his first wife reunited following the first illness of the conductor, who subsequently returned with Rettondini. But have you ever seen Carolina?

There resemblance to dad will excite you. The same smile and the same sweet look:

alberto castagna daughter
Carolina, daughter of Alberto Castagna (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Two drops of water! On her social channel, followed by almost 10 million followers, Carolina often shares memories of her beloved father, whom she always carries in her heart.

Alberto Castagna, the memory of Carolina on TV

“I think it’s a question of great humility and great humanity that he had towards everyone. People send me loving messages, it’s always very pleasant. Dad had never gone to his head ”, these are the words of Carolina, a guest at Bel Tempo Si Spera in 2015. According to her, this is precisely the reason why, after years, the public has such a beautiful memory of her father. “I still have him the great sympathy, the fact of always being positive. He was always very serene in what he faced, he always reassured me, ”added Carolina, who admits that for him she was his strong point, the reason why she didn’t give up in the most difficult moments.