Alberto Fedele, the body of the volunteer found in Peru

He had disappeared on July 4th

“The mountain teams found yesterday’s body Alberto Fedele, WeWorld volunteer in Peru He disappeared on July 4th during an excursion to the Juchuycocha lagoon in the Urubamba area of ​​Peru “, the WeWorld association reported in a note.

“Our thoughts go to Alberto’s family and to the people dear to him to whom we hug with affection and closeness. We thank the Italian embassy, ​​the local institutions, the police, the firefighters and the mountain teams who have carried out the research. The body was found by the mountain teams in the area between the lagoon and the glacier. It was possible to identify Alberto by his clothes and backpack. At the moment the most likely hypothesis is that Alberto slipped off a rock during the excursion “.

“This is dramatic news, we are very shaken. We are close to the family we have been in contact with since day one. We welcomed his dad when he went to Peru, we collaborated with the local communities, with the embassy and the police by putting us together. available to do everything possible “, the president of the WeWorld association Marco Chiesara told Adnkronos, commenting on the discovery of the volunteer’s body.