Alberto Matano, have you ever seen his parents? Who they are and what work they did

His professionalism has made him one of the most popular journalists on Italian TV, let’s find out who Alberto Matano’s parents are!

We all know Alberto Matanoconductor de Life live and former half-length bust of TG1: with seriousness, seriousness and professionalism he has built an excellent career and his private life is often the object of curiosity from fans. For example, have you seen his parents?

Alberto Matano, have you ever seen his parents? Who are they and what was their job (Instagram)

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Originally from Catanzaro, where he was born on 9 September 1972, he has also been a regular presence in for years dancing with the Starsprogram in which he plays the role of commentator on the sidelines.

Much followed on social media, Matano also usually post some shots not related to working life: followers were thus able to see his closest family members such as his brother and sister, who live respectively in Brussels and Milan and with whom he c ‘is a truly extraordinary resemblance.

During the Christmas period, the face of Life live she shared a photo with her parents on Instagram: have you seen them?

Alberto Matano’s parents: what was their job?

Mum Marisa and dad Franco are two very important figures in the life of the conductor who joins them as soon as he can to spend moments of relaxation and serenity together as on the occasion of last New Year’s Eve.

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Mr. Franco he is currently retired but, according to what we read on the web, he worked as a biologist and is a great lover of music and theater. The Lady Marisa Fagàinstead, until 1998 she was a teacher of Italian and History at the Technical Institute “B. Grimaldi ”of Catanzaro. In the early 2000s she was appointed Regional Councilor for Equality and contact person of the Working Group of the National Network of Equality Councilors.

Alberto Matano parents
Photo source: Instagram

Alberto’s similarity with his mother and father is evident, but beyond that, you immediately notice the great class that unites them, congratulations!