Alberto Matano, who is her future husband and what does her future husband do in life

They got married a few hours ago, their joy is immeasurable! But do you know who Alberto Matano’s husband is and what he does in life?

Journalist, author and TV presenter, Alberto Matano is a beloved face of the small screen. Today, the beloved host of A Life in Direct, finds himself living truly magical days and moments in the company of half of him.

Alberto Matano married Riccardo Mannino, do you know who your husband is and what job does your husband do? (Credits: Instagram)

Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino got married. Just 24 hours have passed since the yes pronounced in the companions of the dearest people, and the newlyweds can only be grateful and happy for the moment they are experiencing. To officiate the ceremony, the splendid Mara Venier who some time ago had convinced the two to get married. And soon done, today the two are in all respects companions for life! But who is Riccardo Mannino? Do you know what Alberto Matano’s husband does in life? Let’s get to know him better!

Riccardo Mannino is Alberto Matano’s husband, do you know what he does?

Alberto Matano he told in an interview with Corriere della Sera the phases of the love story that he has lived for 15 years together with his partner and current husband, Riccardo Mannino. Moments not always easy, a road not always downhill, however hand in hand they have chosen to swear eternal love. But what do we know about Riccardo? Do you know what he does in life?

Riccardo Mannino is 55 years old and 6 years apart from Alberto Matano who is 49 years old. He is a great sports enthusiast, he loves to train in particular in the gym. What does he do in life? In 1990 he obtained the degree in Law, which he also attended for a period of time by Alberto Matano before embarking on a career in journalism, and today he fully exercises the profession of Cassation lawyer.

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(Credits: Instagram)