Alchemist, Vertigo is the moment when you take flight: the video

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A piano and a story that smacks of feelings, of a rediscovered awareness and of life lived, this is “Vertigine”, my new single, focus track of the EP “Saudade”. It is a ballad full of emotions that I have chosen to present to the public in an electro-acoustic version, with an interpretation that is as intimate and authentic as possible. I’ve always been looking for a world, an emotional universe that was able to hover between everyday scenarios and surrealistic, fantastic dimensions, and I found my space in the alchemy between music and feelings, where I can blend dream and reality.

Like all the EP and all my previous discography, “Vertigine” is an autobiographical piece, which I wrote in a particular moment of my life. You know that feeling of impasse, of stalemate, when you find yourself in difficulty and you can’t figure it out? All this, very often, means that we are going through a phase of change, of pure evolution. Here, I believe that it is precisely in those moments that it is necessary to look inside ourselves, in our depths, to understand who we really are and what we want, discarding all the superfluous and starting afresh from the essential.

For me, “Vertigo” means this, finding yourself on the edge of the precipice and deciding whether to take a step into the void looking for a new path and entrust yourself to life, or to cling as strongly as possible to our certainties, to a past that is now tight and that no longer reflects us. I firmly believe that sometimes it’s necessary to stop for a moment to reflect, take your foot off the accelerator and enjoy the scenery, even if the road is still long and uphill.

To write the song, I had to dig deep into myself, rediscover myself completely and it wasn’t easy: leaving my past behind and looking forward to a new life led me to a very strong initial sense of loss, but it allowed me to understand that to face existence, sometimes it is necessary to step out of one’s comfort zone. Would I do it again? It was worth it and yes, I would do it again a thousand times. This reflection is summed up in the second verse, when I say “we still trust the wind to live, in the arms of an angry sea, vertigo”.

I hope to inspire and give a little courage to all those who are experiencing the same situation as me, managing to transmit to them, through my voice and my music, the strength not to give in and not fall back into cages whose barriers they are only our own self-sabotages. Vertigo is the moment immediately prior to any change and, if you’re experiencing it, it’s because you’re in the moment you’re about to take flight. Don’t look back right now! The chorus opens with this line: “Nights in the mirror and I just hope I’ll become a hug, but there’s a place in another world where there’s no need”; Also in this case, I referred to a precise moment of this mutation, when you find yourself coming to terms with yourself at night. We often think we have to satisfy the expectations of those who look at us, of those who are next to us, but the reality is that we need to think about making ourselves satisfied, because this is the only way we will make those who really love us and those who don’t understand us happy…. Well, maybe one day it will.