Aldo: “A ‘Breath of fresh air’ without a trio with Giovanni and Giacomo”

“It’s nice to change ‘gamma’ over time: this film is really a ‘breath of fresh air’ for me and the things I carry around give me confidence anyway”. It’s a Aldo Baglio different from the one imprinted in the minds of the spectators linked to the comic trio Aldo-Giovanni-Giacomo and confesses it candidly by presenting his latest film as a protagonist in Taormina, ‘A breath of fresh air’ flanked by Lucia Ocone – with whom “there is harmony on the set and feeling in personal relationships” both ensure – and directed by Alessio Lauria – who intended “to exploit Aldo not as a comic actor but as a romantic, sentimental interpreter”, explains the director – in the context of the 68th edition of ‘Tao Film Fest’. “I’m funny, but with different bitter moments”, is the description that Aldo gives of his character, while Lucia speaks of “the right balance between laughter and poetry”.

The protagonist – a Sicilian pizza chef who became an entrepreneur in Milan but with the pizzeria that for reckless investments fell under the bank mortgage, but with an inheritance to be collected for the death of his father, but having to deal with a brother with whom he did not has been talking for years – he is “a coward who needs security, who feels ‘lost’: there is a lot of me – confesses Baglio – I know certain dynamics, wanting to hide something when you know it is wrong, things that The protagonist of the film – previewed at Taormina and which will be released in theaters on July 7 – he takes the opportunity to make peace, with himself even more than with others “.

As for the ‘other’ two of the trio, namely Giovanni and Giacomo – with whom he is shooting the film ‘The best day of my life’ which will be released at Christmas – Aldo reveals that “we see each other’s single works together, but no one intervenes and says anything about the films of the other two”. Only cinema, however: “I’d also like to make a film about my father’s extraordinary life, but it would cost too much,” he regrets. As for the possibility of seeing him go up on stage one day, he postpones the appointment “because I still don’t feel that the time has come for me. theatereven if in the future … I always keep a watchful eye “.

(of the envoy Enzo Bonaiuto)