Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, do you know what work they did before their success? You would never guess

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo form a truly incredible comedy trio, but have you ever wondered what they did before their success? You would never guess.

Really amazing, right? We are talking about them: Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo! Beginning around the 1990s, their career immediately took off. So much so that, to date, the comic trio is one of the most famous and appreciated of the Italian show.

What work did Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo do before their success? Photo source: Getty Images

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Theater, television and film actors, Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo they boast of a truly impressive success. But have you ever wondered what they did before embarking on this type of career? Having ascertained that their first meeting took place between the ’70s and’ 80s and that, instead, their debut on the first theatrical stages took place in 1991, you are curious to know what they did before success? Of course, we’ll take care of telling you everything. Even if, we anticipate, you would never imagine what they were doing? You are ready? Let’s find out everything together.

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What did Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo do before the success?

Their debut in the theater, as we said, took place in 1991. And since that moment they have never stopped. Initially formed by Aldo and Giovanni, the two comedians staged their first show. And they also invited the mythical Giacomo. Indeed, this is how the artistic partnership between the three hilarious comedians begins. And that still today, 30 years after their union, makes all their supporters laugh and excite.

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But what do we know about them? Having established that they are very much loved and that they have put on a truly indescribable career, are you curious to know something more? For example, before even riding the wave of success, are you curious to know what work they did? Perhaps not everyone knows this, but even before embarking on a career as actors and comedians, each of them had already started working lives. In particular, from what we learn from Donna Glamor, it would seem that Aldo was an employee of a telephone company; Giovanni, on the other hand, a teacher of acrobatics and, finally, Giacomo a nurse.

Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo
Photo source: Getty Images

What do you tell us? Did you know about this background about them?